Marcela Sabat (RN) and Claudio Alvarado (UDI) were sworn in as new senators

Former deputy Marcela Sabat (RN) and former head of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Claudio Alvarado (UDI) were sworn in this afternoon as new members of the Senate, after replacing the now ministers Andrés Allamand (Foreign Relations) and Víctor Pérez (Interior), respectively.

The ceremony took place in the upper chamber room before the discussion of the table began, where they were received with congratulations and applause from the rest of the parliamentarians, who also delivered a bouquet of flowers to the new senator.

Alvarado, who did not complete two months as minister of the Segpres, expressed in this regard that his departure from the cabinet after the defeat of the government in the reform that led to the withdrawal of 10% of the AFP funds was “a personal decision “

“It seemed unfair to me that the costs of Chile’s votes Let’s go in a vote against the government were only assumed by Gonzalo Blumel (the former interior minister),” he said.

“I accept this challenge with a deep sense of responsibility and also with humility,” he added.

For his part, Sabat, considered one of the most social sectors of the National Renewal -in contrast to his predecessor, Andrés Allamand- affirmed that “I will continue in the line to give the best answers for those affected by this crisis and give the best answers for Chileans and the Chilean ones ”.

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