Marcello returns as champion. Do you know how much he won? A figure not to be believed

Also yesterday evening, May 10, 2022, Flavio Insinna entertained its most loyal viewers with a new episode of Legacy.

This new Rai 1 appointment saw a return to the limelight Marcello, a nice competitor who had tried to win a few nights ago. So let’s find out what happened in last night’s episode and how much the new one won champion of the Legacy.

The Legacy: summary of the episode of May 10, 2022

A new and bubbly episode began at 6:45 pm on May 10, 2022 of Legacy. Flavio Insinna introduced all the contestants in the game and started with the various questions of the matching game.

After hard-fought challenges and last-minute fights, to reach the game of Triello They were Roberta, Marcello and Davide. In the end it was a Marcello, who has already had the opportunity to qualify for the Weather in Guillotine in the past.

The man will therefore be able to compete for a large sum, as he has accumulated € 100,000 during the game.

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Marcello goes to the Guillotine but gets the final word wrong

All competitors of Legacy they dream of being able to qualify for the final game, since it is the only one that allows the jackpot win.

Marcello therefore, he arrives there hopeful, but luck is not on his side again. This is because the man hardly ever guesses the right matches and finds himself playing for € 12,500.

The words he has to work on are “goal, armor, climb, ride and ponies “. When time runs out Marcello write the mystery word in the conductor’s envelope. In a second moment the man declared that he had a strong doubt, but that he then decided to write the word edge.

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Too bad though, that the correct word was carousel, why, not even tonight, Marcello he managed to bring home the coveted win.

According to the authors the final word carousel can be linked to all clues. In fact, there is the very famous Giostra of goal, a program that was broadcast for Italians abroad, and a medieval armor which is called precisely carousel.

It then continues with the get on the carousel when you go to a park or take another round of the carousel referring to last book from Tiziano Terzani.

I ponies instead they indicate the classic music box which usually represents a carousel. A truly disappointing loss for the champion.

How much did Marcello earn during his stay at L’Eredità?

As we have said before, it is not the first time that Marcello has the opportunity to compete for the final prize pool.

So far, in fact, the man has participated twice in the Weather in Guillotine but, in both cases, he was unable to bring home a penny. For the moment then, Marcello remains a champion without a crown, as he holds the coveted title but has not yet won any winnings.