"Marcelo Gallardo will be the coach of Barcelona in December"


The Argentine coach and current television commentator Claudio Borghi said that Marcelo Gallardo, River Plate coach, will be the next coach of FC Barcelona and even gave a date for this to happen.

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“Gallardo is going to be a Barcelona coach in December. It is information that one handles. Marcelo is one of the best technicians in the world. D'Onofrio (president of River Plate) said Gallardo would leave only if he left office, but I know this from a direct source, ”Borghi said on the Chilean CDF channel.

The world champion with the Argentina National Team in Mexico 1986, did not want to reveal how he knew this information, but reiterated that "it is a direct source, Marcelo is one of the best technicians in the world."

From Barcelona, ​​according to ESPN Digital, for the moment the continuity of Ernesto Valverde is not in question, and in any case if that happened in the future, Ronald Koeman, who directs the selection of Holland and has a clause to go to Barça in 2020, would be the main candidate to reach office.


Meanwhile, River Plate's sports director, Enzo Francescoli, in a ‘TYC Sports’ interview, dismissed Borghi's assertions.

“I know what everyone is reading, I'm glad for the size of the club and then there's nothing true.

“Every year an evaluation is made and then the decision is made (about the technician), it is very personal of him and his work group. You have to let things happen, ”Francescoli said.

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