Marcelo Mazzarello and Malena Pichot crossed paths very strongly on Twitter

But the message, was quickly answered by Mazzarellorecognized as a fervent opponent of the current government, and disagreed with the concept of the comedian that he had been “a country” the one who judged the boards.

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The actor wrote in responses to Pichot: “It was not a country. It was Alfonsín plus the 53 percent who voted for him and a handful of judges with balls. Peronism offered a pardon, opposed the trial and did not participate in the Conadep report.

Many more were added to Mazzarello’s position, which were highly critical of the Futuröck announcer.

Argentina, 1985 is starring Ricardo Darín and Peter Lanzani, directed by Santiago Mitre, and recreates the Trial of the Military Juntas that took place in the country, precisely in 1985.

Malena Pichot struck down Valeria Mazza after her controversial statements about parenting

Lego that Valeria Mazza gave an interview in which she talked about parenting and aroused all kinds of comments. One of them was the comedian Malena Pichot who, with her usual style, gave her point of view on the gender difference that the model referred to regarding the way of educating boys and girls.

“It is much easier, simpler to raise the male than the female”, assured Mazza in a talk with the journalist Maria Laura Santillan in Infobae, and they exploited the networks.


One of the strongest opinions was expressed Malena Pichot: “The sinister thing is that she says “I am a mother of boys” having a daughter, it is sinister that they express their preferences even if they have them!”, he began by saying on his Twitter account.

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“And the fossilized idea that a man is simple just because he is a man is sinister, when it is clear that there is nothing simple in a femicide, for example,” continued the Futuröck radio journalist.

Then, with his characteristic humor, he ironized “People tell me that I can’t give an opinion because I don’t have children and I want to clarify that I am a mother but I have pupils and I don’t show them because they turned out to be girls and I am a MOM OF MEN”

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