Marcelo Pecci: Legal Medicine warned that he received three impacts

The National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences delivered the report of the autopsy that was performed on the body of the Paraguayan prosecutor specializing in the fight against drugs, Marcelo Pecci, who was assassinated on the island of Barú in Cartagena, last Tuesday, May 10.

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In this report it is noted that the victim received three impacts from a firearm, specifically from a 9-millimeter pistol, It is also noted that the body was delivered to a funeral home in Cartagena that will be in charge of preparing it for air transportation to Paraguay, where the funeral services will be held.

Meanwhile, the investigation by the Attorney General’s Office is progressing, in which the National Police is also participating, with the aim of capturing the men who attacked the specialized prosecutor against Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism investigated several of the groups dedicated to drug trafficking in Paraguay.

So far it is known that, hTo a private beach in Cartagena located on Isla de Barú, an insular zone of the city, the assassins arrived who took the life of prosecutor Pecciwho was with his wife Claudia Aguilar Quintana on their honeymoon.

Similarly, it was learned that the men who murdered Pecci arrived on the island where he was with his partner on board. of a red jet ski, rented by a value of 200 thousand pesos. Apparently the murderers would be foreigners because of their accent according to witnesses.

Both the Prosecutor’s Office of Paraguay and Colombia, They are investigating jointly to capture those responsible for the crime that shocked both countries.

One of the residents of the area in recent days spoke with about what happened.

They arrived at the place where they rent the motorcycle and paid $200,000 pesos, murdered the prosecutor and later handed over the vehicles, they took off their sweater and fled. We are scared, we have nothing to do with this.” One of the locals pointed out.

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For its part, the Decameron hotel where the couple was staying regretted the crime and explained in a statement that, “They arrived on jet skis at the beach in front of the Decameron Barú hotel, they attacked and murdered one of our guests.. The attackers also fired shots at one of our security guards.”

Given the nature of the attackwe will refrain from giving details of what happened and we are available to the authorities to collaborate in the way they deem appropriate“said the hotel.

The director of the Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, ordered that Five expert investigators will travel to Cartagena and, together with the Paraguayan authorities, advance in the investigation together with the DIJIN.

The United States will also join the investigation for the crime of the Prosecutor who was murdered a few hours after learning that he would be a father.

“The investigation will be supported by the United States, and based on the first elements collected on the ground, the processes are being oriented to locate those responsible for this reprehensible crime,” said General Vargas.

Meanwhile, the Colombian authorities offered a reward of 2,000 million pesos to those who deliver information that allows the arrest of those materially responsible for the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in Cartagena and also the masterminds.