March. The most powerful earthquake ever captured on the red planet, “a gold mine” for the

It is an unpublished document. Thursday, May 12, 2022, the National Center for Space Studies (Cnes) unveiled a sound extract from the largest earthquake ever recorded on a planet other than Earth, reports Science and Future. This magnitude 5 earthquake was captured on Mars by the French-made SEIS seismometer, deployed on the ground by NASA’s InSight lander. He had arrived on the neighboring planet in 2018.

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According to our colleagues from BFM TV, this earthquake occurred on the red planet on the night of May 4 to 5. Already in August 2021, another magnitude 4.2 earthquake was recorded by NASA, which also extended the stay of Insight, whose mission was supposed to end in December 2020.

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1,300 earthquakes recorded on Mars

According to the Cnes website, this sound clip could allow scientists to collect “essential information to unlock the secrets of the interior of the red planet”.

The sound had to be amplified and accelerated to become audible. Quoted by Cnes, the scientific manager of SEIS, Philippe Lognonné, described as « mine d’or » this discovery which would allow “not only to confirm our internal structure models but also to improve them. »

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Compared to an earthquake, this earthquake of magnitude 5 corresponds to an average amplitude, nuance Science and Future.

Since November 2018, the Insight probe has recorded more than 1,300 earthquakes on Mars.