Marco Aurelio Fontana and Max Casacci present: “My acoustic bike”

Marco Aurelio Fontana is always looking for new challenges, new activities to do on his beloved two wheels, but we did not expect this, a Jazz music with the sounds of a MTB.
I am sure that, like us, you will try to find every sound of your bike!

Official Statement
The founder of Subsonica has set the Prorider’s ride to music.
The video made from the meeting between Marco Aurelio Fontana and Max Casacci aims to become the labyrinth disc in which all those who love cycling will be lost with immense pleasure. Combine the ability to drive the London 2012 Olympic bronze with the artistic vein of the Turin musician, producer, guitarist, founder of Subsonica and you can imagine the magic that has arisen.
Indeed, from today you have the opportunity to listen to the result of this experiment never seen in the world of biking, in which the sounds and noises of nature and two wheels have been perfectly mixed giving life to goosebumps music, without use of musical instruments. Below is the music video produced:

«Shortly before the covid turned our lives upside down, I went to see my historic mechanic and great friend Giacomo Angeli and, just for fun, we shot the Back door trails in the beautiful Colle del Melogno area near his home. Starting from Finale Ligure we climbed up to over 1,000 meters, tackling super natural paths, which really enchanted me. While we chatted about what I was doing with electric bikes Jack, remembering the times of the World Cups and all the international tests we have experienced together, from the European Championships to the Olympic Games, struck me: “One like you should call a muscle bike acoustic. . Before a race, to try the bike, you always said to me: let me hear how it sounds ”. I remembered it very well, and – to tell the truth – I never liked to define my vehicle. This sentence enlightened me: my bike plays.

During the months closed at home I put my bikes in hand, imagining that as soon as I had the green light I would return to the Finale area to create something beautiful “says Fontana, who after the forced stop caused by the lockdown resumed his competitive activity in the saddle to his e-bike.

Red Bull took care of “giving wings” to the project, who introduced the champion to the artist who revealed the creativity of the most visionary biker in the world of mtb. «Max is a rare talent, I’ve always liked Subsonica, working together has been a privilege. We have created something unique, something that has never been seen or heard in the bike world. I’m super happy with the video we launch today: the riding was exciting and the art piece that came out is as stylish as I like it. From ride in style to play in style it’s a moment ».

Also enjoy the curious “Behind the scenes”:

«I liked Marco right away because he is a simple, direct, passionate person – says Casacci for his part. – I have been in the business of transforming noises and sound environments into music for at least a decade, but when he asked me if the sounds of his bike could turn into a jazz song, I thought: wow this is a challenge.

Working on a note plucked by the spokes of the wheels (double bass, vibraphone and keyboards), on the creaking of a brake (horns), tinkering with the noises of the gearbox, the brakes, the chain, the air of the tires, sampling everything, intoning , distorting, equalizing, I think I succeeded.
All the music comes from a single instrument, which is the one present in the images: the acoustic bicycle of the champion Marco Aurelio Fontana ».

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