LOS ANGELES, Calif. – They went 29 dates, several fractures in the face, a World (Russia 2018) and 952 minutes of game in MLS so that the Costa Rican Marco Ureña could celebrate a goal for LAFC, after having marked the first two in the young history of the club during the preseason.

The work of the 'Tico' has always been so generous, that although it is obvious that he is interested in the goal, there is a quantity of related work that he does in favor of the team and often even to his detriment.

In fact, fractures in the face occurred in a league game and were about to put at risk their participation in the World Cup with Costa Rica. Still, he is a man of confidence of Bob Bradley who has used it in 14 games, 11 as a starter.

This Saturday night, 'The Shark' had its celebration. "The goal is always very important for a striker, is what keeps him alive, with a desire to continue working," Ureña told the press after LAFC's (1-1) draw against New England Revolution.

The Costa Rican accepted that after Russia 2018, there was a process of readaptation with which he had to work extra. "After the World Cup it cost me a bit the physical and mental part. I arrived a little worn, "he explained.

Therefore, there was a need for a special job, "I put myself as a challenge to get physically again because I did not feel in shape", he continued revealing, before enjoying the honey of the moment.

"Now I return to take the confidence in the field with the ownership, so very happy because the goal also comes," said Tico who has two consecutive games in the starting 11 after not having three games in a row.

For Marco, the part of the season in which his goal comes is key to what is to come. "It came at an important moment, close to the Playoffs, when we are going to need the strikers to walk hand in hand"

Obviously the idea is that now 'the key is opened'. "Hopefully that goal is the door for many and get as far as the Playoffs. Why not think about winning the league, "sentenced 'El Tiburón'.

Regarding the operation of the team, the number 21 of LAFC, understands like his colleagues that the growth process has yet to burn several stages. "We hope we can play our football better here on our court. At times we did it and at times we struggled to defend, "he said.

"I think we have made the last matches well worse we need a little more," analyzed Ureña before detailing the game against New England Revolution. "In the first half we had our chances behind the backs of the defenders, but in the second half I think we lost some of that."

"After the goal we had to press more to close the game. It's hard to play our football against physical opponents like that. But let's hope that with San José we can make our football better, "he said.

Ureña will now face the team that brought him to MLS. YOUR LAFC will face your former San Jose Earthquakes next Saturday (3:30 ET).


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