Marco Verratti’s anguish over Mbappé’s final decision on his future: “My stomach hurts!”


To several soccer players PSG They have been asked about the situation of Kylian Mbappé and many better have decided not to reveal details, but the one who has done so was Marco Verratti.

The Italian midfielder spoke in an interview for Le Parisien about the final decision of Mbappe and revealed that when he realized that the striker traveled to Madrid He experienced great anguish.

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“He will have an impact on the club whatever his decision is. He is one of the biggest players on the planet right now, so we all want him to stay here. But when I talk to him, it’s more to laugh,” he begins by saying Verratti.

“In football, when you have something on your mind, when a decision is close, you don’t talk about it much. It’s her decision, and I’m waiting for her, like you. When I’m resting and I see the notifications that Kylian It’s in Madrid, it gives me stomach pain (laughs). Although later he tells me: ‘Don’t worry, I was on vacation. We are all waiting to find out’”, said the crack of the PSG.

On whether he gives advice to Mbappé to continue in the PSG, Marco Verratti he was very sincere.

“No, because he knows what I think. He wouldn’t be a good adviser, at least he wouldn’t be objective. He would not think about his good, but about the good of everyone here in Paris (laughs) ”, he highlighted.

Mbappe He has already confirmed that very soon he will announce his decision on whether he will sign for the Real Madrid or if he stays in the PSG. This will be before May 28.


The shipwreck against Real Madrid:

“At this level, in the Champions League, they are games in which everything can happen very quickly. And Real repeated it against Chelsea and Manchester City. Madrid is a team that is used to playing these games and suffering. Here in Paris, we sometimes forget that you have to suffer to win. And that is something we have to understand together: the players, the club and the fans. We are on the pitch, but there is this atmosphere around us that means we always have to win 3, 4 or 5-0. But football is not like that anymore. There are no longer small teams in the Champions League”.

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If you slept after removal:

“It’s hard enough to sleep when you win, but when you lose… There are people who think that you win a lot of money and that the result doesn’t matter. But that’s not true”.

How Donnarumma lived the elimination:

“He has suffered a lot. But for me, it was a foul (by Benzema on the first goal). We saw again against Troyes that the referee disallowed a goal (by Neymar) for a similar foul by Kylian (Mbappé) on a defender who didn’t even fall. But we can all mess up, us and the referees. But yes, Gigio suffered, like everyone else. He won the European Championship, he was the best in the world, he’s wrong and he’s already the worst. That is why, for us players, the most important thing, beyond qualities, is the balance that we have to find. Otherwise, you’ll be on a roller coaster of emotions, and that’s not good. That’s why you also have to experience football as a form of entertainment, because if you don’t have fun on the pitch, you don’t give people pleasure”.

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The disappointment in PSG’s game this season:

“It is true that with the team we have we could have done much better, especially in terms of play. I’ve been here for ten years and have often enjoyed it, but this year has been a bit more difficult. I explain it because of the many changes in the squad with at least six players who arrived. And when you change a lot, it takes time. Klopp or Guardiola, they have been at Liverpool and Manchester City for five years (actually seven and six years). At the beginning of this year, we were on a good run, we were enjoying ourselves more, and then what happened in Madrid happened. It’s like we’ve taken three steps back.”

If I could talk to the fans after what happened this season:

“I do not have any problem with that. If it is a discussion like today, calm and respectful, yes. I know that fans spend their money on subscriptions, on trips… So they have the right to applaud, to whistle at the end of games, but if we want to grow together, we must not throw it all away. It’s tough, but Madrid, a great team, eliminated us. Imagine if Villarreal had knocked us out like Bayern Munich, we wouldn’t even have left the stadium! We have to be united to achieve our dream. I know that Paris will become the best club in the world. We just need time.”

The greatest injustice experienced by PSG in the Champions League:

“There isn’t just one, huh? But the comeback against Barcelona… (6-1, March 8, 2017). That night, whatever happened, we would have lost the game, 3 or 4-1, for sure. But with a different referee and VAR, we would never have taken 6-1. It is the greatest injustice we have suffered, it has been hard. A game that hurts, too, is the one played against Manchester United (the 1-3 loss on March 6, 2019) because it happened in the year that VAR was introduced. There is always something against us. Without VAR, no one on the pitch would have seen anything, no one would have said anything (about Kimpembe’s handball in the box)… Come on, let’s stop at those two injustices”.