Marcos de Quinto television is looking for a license, a name and new investors

At the end of summer, there was talk of the birth of two new televisions. On the one hand, Marcial Cuquerella was launching 7nn, a channel that can be followed through DTT and the internet. And on the other, Marcos de Quinto, together with two other Spanish businessmen, were preparing La Séptima, which, as has been said, would premiere in October.

According to the data collected by Confidential Digital, Finally 7nn will begin broadcasting on October 12 and La Séptima is still a long way from airing. There are still important details to close.

The start date has been slipping away

At first, these two channels gave rise to misunderstandings in some news. The similarity between the names suggested that 7nn would be Marcos de Quinto’s television. In addition, due to the ‘hashtag’ with which the Cuquerella team presented the channel on Twitter, it seemed that their channel would be called “The Alternative”. With the passage of time, the projects have been defined, and Cuquerella’s television, 7nn, is almost ready to see the light of day.

Meanwhile, sources close to the project that promote Marcos de Quinto, former deputy of Citizens, Felix Revuelta, president of Naturhouse, and Juan Francisco Zambudio, owner of Grupo Zambudio, a firm based in Murcia with a presence in sectors from communication to agriculture, assure that it is still too early to even talk about a launch date.

The first rumors pointed, as has been said, that emissions would begin in October but it was also said that it would be in early 2022. Currently, according to these sources to ECD, the creators are in a very early stage, still talking with investors from different regions of Spain to raise the necessary capital.

A “center” channel

Meetings are being closed and the plan is being presented to potential partners. Also in Spain. The project is being contacted and explained to entrepreneurs from many Autonomous Communities. The idea is “give voice ”to the different regions of Spain.

The objective of the promoters is to cover an ideological gap that, as they understand it, is empty in the media: they are going to promote a “center” television channel, which is not only managed by Spanish businessmen. It will also have investors from Latin American countries. At the moment, they do not want to provide specific names.

On the signal that the channel will use, there is nothing decided either. It is being negotiated for the purchase or rental of a license in Spanish DTT. But it is still in an exploratory phase. Nothing has been signed yet and work is being done without haste, the promoters insist.

The brand doesn’t matter

Regarding the controversy arising from the name, given the similarity between La Séptima and 7nn, the promoters of this television assure that there will not be such. Project sources confirm to ECD that “The brand is the least of it.” There is no decision made on that, nor is there a denomination included in the trademark registry. It is too early, they repeat. It has not yet reached that point. So they would have no problem changing the name in later phases of the project.

Finally, De Quinto, Revuelta and Zamudio They have not decided yet who will be the director of the chain, which sector professional will be in charge of the project. Marcos de Quinto is being the main interlocutor when talking about the project, but the creators They trust to sign a renowned journalist to be in front of television.