Marcus Edwards shines in the Portuguese league and in the Champions League

In the world of football there were things that were taken for granted, one of them was that few British footballers succeeded outside the islands. There were exceptions such as the case of Kevin Keegan winning titles and Ballon d’Ors with Hamburg, Gary Lineker in his first year at FC Barcelona, ​​David Platt in Serie A in the 1990s or Gareth Bale’s period as undisputed starter within the Real Madrid, but analyzing various cases such as Laurie Cunningham, Mark Hughes, Stan Collymore or Jon Woodgate, Michael Owen, or even David Beckham to name some who played in Spain, the reality was that, great talents who could not be coupled or develop a great trajectory in other latitudes.

However, that dynamic has gradually changed and began years ago, specifically in 2017 when Borussia Dortmund paid more than 20 million euros for a kid from the youth academy. Manchester Citywhich responded to the name of Jadon Sancho. With the extreme speed, a phenomenon occurred that is now completely normal and that is that since it arrived on the banks of the Ruhr river, other countrymen of its own have opted to start its development outside of British territory.

Sancho was the first and the one that is now on everyone’s lips is Jude Bellingham . Each performance of the midfielder elevates him and causes his price in the market to increase. WORLDWIDE on more than one occasion it has been pointed out as the most suitable successor of Luka Modric in Ancelotti’s squad, but the more than 100 million they ask for him can make the operation difficult, for a boy who is barely 19 years old and who began to stand out in his native country with the Birminghama club that asked for its pearl 25 million two years ago.

However, there are others who, perhaps without much media coverage, also have great talent and who could probably lead him to star in a great transfer, perhaps not at the level of Bellinghambut which will generally get due attention when the trade finally closes.

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Meet Marcus Edwards: an English pearl living in Portugal

This still young striker plays for Sporting Club de Lisboa in the Portuguese league. The small 23-year-old right winger can shine on almost the entire attacking front. His case is striking because despite standing out in all the lower categories of the England National Team and being considered the great jewel in the crown of the Tottenham youth academy, his behavior off the pitch was frankly disappointing, until the point that the spurs they didn’t hold him.

Now he seems focused and eager to take safe steps in his still young career. First it was the Vitória Guimaraes. With the Guimarães showed part of the potential that he saw Mauricio Pochettino when he made it debut; 96 games, 20 goals and 14 assists were enough for the Green Lions to pay 7.5 million for his services and so far he has not disappointed.

Since he arrived in the winter market of the previous season he kept working to improve, and although he entered the games mainly as a revulsive, his performances were more than striking until he became one of the basic pieces of the schemes of Ruben Amorim. He just saw the faces with Tottenham in the Champions League.

The Portuguese beat their London rivals 2-0, with Edwards wearing the number 10 shirt and playing almost the entire game. The mischief of him next to Gonçalves y Trincao They caused more than one headache for Antonio Conte’s defense and he previously did his thing against the Eintracht Frankfurtt, even scoring a beautifully billed goal.

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Edwards has started his 2022-2023 season like a shot both in the league and in the maximum continental tournament. In total he has 4 goals in 9 games and has also provided 3 assists. According to Transfermarkt his value has risen from 500 thousand euros in 2018 when he was a prospect of the spurs to the 20 million currently listed.

Where will you play in the future?

Journalist Matt Law of the Daily Telegraph He stated through Twitter that the contract that links him to Sporting that ends in 2026 has a termination clause of almost 60 million euros (52 million pounds sterling) and also announced that Tottenham still has 50% of the rights on the player, which implies that a potential sale will benefit them enormously, because it went from being a problem to a benefit that seemed like it would not generate any kind of profit in the coming years.

Regarding his future, Edwards made his position clear after the confrontation against his former club in the Champions League. “Marcus Edwards is interested in returning to the Premier League, reports the Mail. The player said after beating Spurs: “It feels great and I think we deserved it. We showed how we can play. I wouldn’t say extra special, but certainly It was a special feeling to play against Spurs. It was good to see the people I know: players and coaching staff. It’s my home, so of course I want to go back there. [a la Premier League] someday. I’m just focused on what I’m doing here for now.”

What did Pochettino say?

When Marcus made his debut with the help of the Argentine coach, who assured that the left-hander had certain similarities with the first years of Lionel Messi. Luck was not on his side, an ankle injury and a tonsil operation brought him back to the reality of the under 18 team as he pointed out Daily Mailhowever those fifteen minutes he played against Gillingham in the League Cup were enough to powerfully draw the attention of Mauricio Pochettino.

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“The qualities, just his appearance, his body and the way he plays, remind us a little of the beginning of Messi,” he said and also drew a parallel with another albiceleste. “He is small, he is left-handed, I remember (Erik) a little. coverslip when I was in River PlateI remember I had long hair, when I was 14, 15.”

About the soccer player who was 17 years old at the time, the ex-soccer player and former coach of the Tottenham said the following: “He (Edwards) is a very good prospect and could potentially be a great player, but we have to be patient and tell him that he is very talented, talented enough to be a great player. But now it is how he builds his future, that is very important. And it’s our responsibility to tell him.” @worldwide