Marcus Keene (Strasbourg): “I’m pissed off”

This defeat at Rhénus against Gravelines (90-91) was not planned in the plan of the SIG, which finds itself rejected in the soft underbelly of the championship, two wins from the playoffs.

His American point guard Marcus Keene was untenable in long-range shooting (32 points including a 7/12 from three-pointers), which made his frustration redouble, as we could hear. at a press conference.

” I am pissed. There is not much to say. We leave this game making the same mistakes over and over again. We don’t stop, no matter the moment and the situation of the match. We score, I put big shots, but behind we do not stop them. It’s a matter of pride too! We don’t defend in a one-on-one… It’s a bad loss. It’s the second time we’ve lost to Gravelines and now they’re ahead of us in the standings. We have to win, but if we want to go to the Playoffs, we have to win at home. We put ourselves in a bad position. The situation is what it is. We can talk or work. We know what we have to do! We have a week to work, yes it’s true. But if it’s to come back to the court and make the same mistakes in a week and comment on them… We’ve reached a point where there’s no more talking, we have to act! »

The hero of the match is called Kenny Boynton, author of 22 points (4/7 at three-pointers) and the decisive basket. The BCM also largely dominated its rival on the rebound (22 to 31). The Italian coach of the SIG, Luca Banchi took up the same formula as his American player:

« Cis a very bad defeat. We miss the opportunity to beat a team that was in balance with us. We knew before kick-off what the effect of a victory or a defeat would be. Tonight, despite a promising approach to the match and after taking the lead, we were unable to show consistency in our choices and we let them come back (…) This match ends with a possession gap so yes there are necessarily a lot of regrets, but I don’t remember that. I’m focused on what to do in order to rebuild our identity to prepare for our next game ».

Photo : FIBA

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