Marek Ulrich swims the best time in the semifinals: As a substitute in 13th place at the Olympics

Marek Ulrich did not make the jump to the final over 100 meters back, but he still had reason to celebrate. The Leipziger improved his best time by two tenths.

Frank change Marek Ulrich celebrates his best time in the semifinals.

Marek Ulrich has impressively repaid the trust bonus that the German Swimming Association and the German Olympic Sports Confederation gave him with the subsequent nomination for the Olympic Games. After the Leipziger was able to swim a new best time in the run-up, he increased in the semifinals by two tenths of a second to 53.54 seconds. With his time he finished 13th in the overall result of the two semifinals. The 24-year-old recommended himself with his performance for a deployment in the German layer relay.

Others swam in the front seats in the final. World record holder Ryan Murphy from the USA left nothing to be desired and won his semifinal run 52 hundredths ahead of Australian Mitch Larkin. Kliment Kolesnikov won the second semi-final. In 52.29 seconds, the Russian was five hundredths slower than Murphy (52.24 seconds).

The final over 100 meters back for men

Ryan Murphy (USA)
Kliment Kolesnikov (Russia)
Mitch Larkin (Australien)
Thomas Ceccon (Italy)
Evgeny Rylov (Russland)
Jiayu Xu (China)
Hugo Gonzales (Spanien)
Robert Glinta (Romania)

Smith in front of crowd and McKeown

In the semi-finals for women over 100 meters back, what had started in the run-up continued. After the athletes improved the Olympic record three times, US American Regan Smith succeeded again in the semifinals. Smith moved into the finals as the fastest swimmer in 57.86 seconds. Behind them, Kylie Masse from Canada swam into second place in 58.09 seconds. Emma McKeown was 22 hundredths slower than in the pre-run and swam in 58.11 seconds just behind Masse in third place in the final. European champion Kathleen Dawson (Great Britain) moved into the final round in fifth place as the best European.

The final over 100 meters back for women

Regan Smith (USA)
Kylie Masse (Canada)
Kaylee McKeown (Australien)
Rhyan White (USA)
Kathleen Dawson (Great Britain)
Emily Seebohm (Australien)
Kira Toussaint (Netherlands)
Anastasia Gorbenko (Israel)

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