María José, more passionate and less perfect, presents new music

Maria Jose (Mexico City, 1976) has become an icon of feminine strength for songs like I am not a Mrs, I prefer to be your lover or Adelante corazón, in which she was able to capture the freedom to assume herself as a woman with defects, virtues, but above all her own will and freedom, the result of the feminist education she obtained at home.

“Without misrepresenting the term, we have always supported feminism from equality, and that I want to show my daughter, she is an incentive in my life and I want her to see me well-groomed, well-empowered, very feminine, no matter what she is going to want. in his life with respect to love, that doesn’t matter,” he says.

‘La Josa’ keeps touring with concerts in Mexico.
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open to enjoyment

As narrated La Josaas he is also called, believes in the enjoyment of sexuality in any of his presentations as long as the person is faithful to his wishes.

He has been able to take this to the screen and to his music without fear, and now, after a while without publishing, he presents I stay down herethe first single from a new record production in which he reverts to the theme of the 80s written by Laureano Brizuelapopularized by the singer Ednita Nazariobut with a more lively, modern touch.

Jose The Dreamer - First Night
María José continues to evolve in her career.
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The video that accompanies the song was produced by veteran Peter Torres and follows the story of a couple made up of a businesswoman and an artist who finds themselves fractured after the man’s secret sexual life.

In that short fiction, Maria Jose brings to life the deceived woman who plans revenge by attending an erotic masked party and with suggestive attitudes, she approaches a woman who will help her surprise the unfaithful.