María Pedraza: the evolution of the actress’s style from the Casa de Papel

Written in TRENDS the 20/9/2022 · 08:00 hs

Maria Pedraza In a short time, she has become one of the most important actresses and models in the country. Her work in movies and television series such as ‘La casa de papel’, ‘Elite’ and ‘Toy Boy’ have brought her international fame. In addition, she has also ventured into the world of fashion, and several designers and makeup artists say that she has one of the most beautiful faces in the world.

María Pedraza and her long hair. Source: Instagram @mariapedraza_

The truth is Maria Pedraza He has come a long way to be where he is today. Even Alex González’s partner has changed a lot look in recent years. That is why today we will show you how the style of the protagonist of “Money Heist” has evolved.

rollers. Source: Instagram @mariapedraza_

Maria Pedraza She is without a doubt one of the most chameleonic actresses in our country. The young woman is not afraid to show her hair naturally, to dye it platinum blonde, to wear a Bob cut or even to shave one side of her hair. The truth is that everything looks good on her, whatever she does.

Blond. Source: Instagram @mariapedraza_

Maria Pedraza was born in Madrid on January 26, 1996. At the age of 8, she began to study classical dance at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma. On the advice of her mother, she began taking acting classes while continuing to attend dance classes at the conservatory until she was 18 years old. Her first opportunity in the world of acting was in ‘AMAR’, Esteban Crespo’s feature debut.

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Shaven. Source: Instagram @mariapedraza_

Later Maria Pedraza made the jump to ‘La Casa de Papel’ and was later called for productions such as ‘Playz’, ‘Elite’, ‘Toy Boy’ (where she met her current partner’), ‘Las Niñas de Cristal’, ‘¿A qué would you take yourself to a desert island?’, ‘The summer we live’, among many other national and international productions.

Bob cut and bangs. Source: Instagram @mariapedraza_