Marianna Dufek: Durczok’s wife accused of murdering her husband!

Death of Kamil Durczok was a huge shock, because nobody expected that the journalist would say goodbye to this world so early.

The man has not been active in the mainstream media for many years, although he still aroused great emotions and aroused great interest. All in connection with the scandal that saw the light of day thanks to the publications of the “Wprost” weekly.

It was then that his career was ruined and he never managed to come back to the top. His private life also shattered. His wife Marianna divorced him, and his son changed his surname to his mother’s maiden name.

Marianna, of course, experienced Kamil’s death a lot, because after all, he is her child’s father. Therefore, they could not be absent from the funeral that took place last Friday in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Katowice-Kostuchna.

The family demanded that the ceremony be held without media participation. So it happened …

After the ceremony, Marianna thanked the people who were involved in organizing and celebrating the funeral on her Facebook page.

She also posted a photo of his first award – Grand Press for Journalist of the Year in 2000.

“This award was the most important. It was the beginning …” wrote Marianna, thanking you for your support in these difficult moments.

Unfortunately, it turns out that in addition to condolences, Dufek also receives disgusting messages from people. One of the comments in which an anonymous hatter accused her of murdering her husband, decided to make public and comment.

“A terrible woman, this Dufek. Now she is pretending to be good, and where she was, when he fell. Why did my son change to his mother’s name. Spit on this woman. Insidious Silesian. And she has the courage to show photos with her ex-husband. haters.

Dufek does not hide his indignation at such behavior of people. The woman is appalled that Internet users usurp the right to comment on someone’s life. He accuses them of an exaggerated belief in their own superiority and a lack of empathy.

At the end, Dufek went straight to the hatter, whom she invited for coffee, to tell her to her face!

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