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Home World Marianna Pepe, former Italian shooting team found dead: yellow in Trieste

Marianna Pepe, former Italian shooting team found dead: yellow in Trieste

died in a bed, on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. But the reason is still a mystery on which the Trieste Mobile Squad is investigating. Marianna Pepe, aged 39, the most important caporalmaggiore of the Army and five times Italian champion of shooting in the specialty of the sport rifle, was found devoid of life by her son, five years. It was about thirteen and when the ambulance arrived there was nothing left to do. The woman – who lived in Muggia, a town near Trieste – was on the bed, there were no medicines around and on the corpse, at least after a first medical check-up, no signs of violence were found.

No hypothesis of crime has been formulated in the file

But something does not come back. From the Public Prosecutor's Office of Trieste they decided to study it further and for this reason the autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday. No hypothesis of crime has been formulated in the file and neither are there investigated, at least until the results of the toxicological examination have arrived.
For now there are only hypotheses: perhaps an illness. Or maybe a lethal mix of drugs. To bring it back to the online edition of the Small of Trieste that reconstructed the last night of Marianna. Reduce, among other things, a troubled and troubled sentimental relationship with a former partner described as very manic. That's why the woman had recently turned to the Goap (Group anti-violence workers and projects) of Trieste to ask for help and support to face that man unable to resign himself to the end of history. Wednesday evening Marianna, who had the baby with her, would have decided not to get home because of the fear of running into her ex-boyfriend for the umpteenth time. This is why he met a friend who hosted her at his home, also in Muggia. Here drugs were taken, probably Valium bottles, which mixed with alcohol, were fatal.

Wins and trophies arrived immediately

From the mobile team directed by Giovanni Cuciti, it only appears that some of the family members and acquaintances of the former Italian athlete have already been heard. On Facebook there are many testimonies that remind the shooter who had long worn the national team shirt. Marianna, – blonde, the look always gritty in the photos that depict her in competitions – had begun to shoot, still a teenager, in a polygon of Trieste. Wins and trophies arrived immediately, so much so that they gained entry into the Army Sports Group of which they had been an athlete in the front row. In addition to winning the five championships, she arrived eighth in the 50-meter air rifle at the 2005 European Championships. After leaving high-level sports she entered the Army to become a professional soldier in a department in Trieste. A few days ago he had marched in uniform at the celebrations for November 4th. Then the mystery of what happened in the night between Wednesday and Thursday.

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