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Maribel Verdú: «If your friends saw you with a forty-one they would want another one»


Germán Alcarazu points to Maribel Verdú on the other side of the Ria the Zorroza institute where he was not studying so long ago. «There I made my first casting», discovers the Bilbao actor. «Right in front I was going to fish with friends; well, to get drunk ». Maribel will turn fifty on October 2 and Germán is 22. The most popular actress of Spanish cinema and a newcomer who last year worked in a bar in Madrid to save and pay for this course the classes of Juan Carlos Corazza, the teacher which Javier Bardem still goes to.

Verdú is in ‘The double plus fifteen’ a doctor and mother of Bilbao family with two children, tired of their marriage routine and wanting to march. First the batteries of the toys end up in the vibrator. Then, he looks curious to a sex chat and starts a conversation with a stranger … who in person turns out to be a sixteen-year-old kid. Despite the age difference they connect and walk through a Bilbao of industrial remains, the third character in the Mikel Rueda film that arrives this Friday at fifty cinemas. Germán and Maribel, who go through the scenes of filming in the Bilbao rain, keep their tune in real life.

– Have you ever entered a sex chat?

German: Never, the maximum was once I entered a chat with a friend where people play dumb. On the computer I only watch movies.

–Maribel: I have no computer. In the scene of the movie where I chatted they told me what I had to do. I have never bought online, I do not know how to do these things. I only use my cell phone and read the scripts on a tablet that they gave me, although I always print them.

–German: I don’t have Tinder or anything like that, I’m anti social networks. I always have problems because I read the wasaps. Many times I realize that I am not doing anything but I have the phone in my hand, and I tell myself that it cannot be. The technology does not inspire me confidence, until a month ago I went with the card to the bank. Now I have Bizum and everything.

Maribel: You have to?

–German: It is an application to send money instantly, a wonder.

–Maribel: But is that controlled by the bank? I want to do.

– What if your representative tells you that you have to have many followers to be called to the castings, as is the case now?

–German: The times change. A social network gives you more visibility, that’s why I have it. But if I wasn’t an actor, I’m sure I wouldn’t be in networks.

–Maribel: If there were no Instagram, I would continue working exactly the same. But I know that, unfortunately, young actors are caught according to their number of followers.

–German: It is true that this way you get more publicity, but on the other hand it makes me angry.

–Maribel: One has to adapt to the times he has lived, of course. But you also have to protect yourself and go on with your life without radiating it. I get what I want, things that have nothing to do with my privacy.

– But at least they will know that now people roll up on the internet …

–Maribel: I have several couples of friends who met like this and have been together for many years. Others try one, another … I have never done it.

–German: My only social network to meet people is Instagram, it is the only one I use. And yes I have met people through it.

–Maribel: Fortunately I am out of all this. Do you know, Germán, that in my time someone was asked to leave? Literal. ‘Do you want to go out with me?’

–German: What do you say? What a shame!

–Maribel: I swear. Then you said yes and I was already your boyfriend. I’ve asked boys to go out and they’ve asked me. Today would be ridiculous. Now an uncle comes to ask me if I want to go out with him and run away.

– Germán, if you appear in your crew with a girlfriend in her forties, what would friends tell you?

–German: Honestly, at first they would freak out. They would ask me out of curiosity. I don’t know … I’ve never considered it, how strong.

–Maribel: You would be ashamed. And in the end you know what your friends would say? We want another one. When they met her, you would see how they would say: ‘We want an equal’.

–German: Man, I am clear that what others think affects you. My parents would freak out too.

–Maribel: Let a mother say: ‘My son is with one of my age’ …

–German: Yes, my parents are your age!

– If the movie were about an older man with a young girl, it wouldn’t bother so much …

–Maribel: Unfortunately that macho reflection we still have to do. The world has been seen only from a prism: the eyes of a man. Lolitas there have been so many in History … Although there are also films like ‘The graduate’, ‘Summer of 42’ … I have one: ‘And your mom too’; Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna looked at me saying halaaa! We believe that the world has advanced, but only a little. We women have to keep putting up with so much shit …

Maribel Verdú and Germán Alcarazu in ‘The double plus fifteen’.

– Aren’t things changing very fast? This week we had the conviction of Harvey Weinstein, the case of Placido Domingo …

–Maribel: Yes. Do you know what has changed and what I feel safer from #MeToo? In that if now a producer tries to do something to me, I say, just a moment, can you repeat it, what am I going to record with your mobile? This is a great tool to put someone in evidence. Powerful people have fallen.

–Something has clicked on all of us.

–German: I have not lived any of that, all that world you talk about I know what happens, but I do not see it as something close.

–Maribel: Well, it’s called abuse of power, Germán, and you can extrapolate it to any field. To a boss who mistreats his employees or a teacher who harasses his students. Do you know what gives me the most anger in life? Injustice and abuse of power. What happens is that in this world of cinema we see each other and we kiss each other on the nose …

–German: Yes, the shooting creates an atmosphere like summer camp. And sometimes people give way to … But it happens in all areas.

– Maribel: In the medical world, in newsrooms …

«The world has been seen only from a prism: the eyes of a man. We women have to keep putting up with so much shit … »
maribel verdú

«You have taught me that we don’t have to be so intense, that sometimes you don’t have to think so much»
German Alcarazu

–The film shows that you can connect with someone beyond the sexual.

–Maribel: Of course. Germán’s character is lost and does not know what this is about life. And I’m lost because I know what life is about. I just want to have experiences, I am a woman enjoyed by nature, I sign up for everything. I do not want to miss anything. Life is about having a sack full of experiences, because tomorrow you die and tell yourself that you have done nothing, host. Get the dance out of me. You can only regret what you have not done.

–German: It happens to me that I am very obsessed in my profession, and then I tell myself that I am much more. I have to fill myself with experiences, I don’t know, go two years to live in a cabin in the mountains. I want to have many different lives, even if they are temporary.

–Maribel: I have not seen anyone listen to me as rapt as you when I told you shooting stories. ‘When I did’ Belle Epoque ‘…

–German: I absorb when you speak and learn a lot. I want someone to talk to me tomorrow to learn too.

– What have they learned from each other?

–German: That we are too intense, that sometimes you don’t have to think so much …

–Maribel: I always tell you: get out of the loop. Carpe Diem. Before I met you, I thought that young people were pasota, and I realized that they care about being something and finding their place in life. It is not a matter of age, but of people’s attitude. There may be fifty immature kids and kids like you, who are quite the opposite.



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