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Marie Bochet takes the disabled ski out of the shadows

The eight-time Paralympic alpine champion is competing this week in Morzine (Haute-Savoie) for the World Cup finals, which should bring her a new Crystal Globe, but her great challenges far exceed the tracks.

"Oh, I'm used to being introduced to Marie Bochet's brother, I know it's more than just a champion. " Crossed the streets of Arêches (Savoie), the village resort where the eight-time gold medalist at the Sochi and PyeongChang Paralympic Games, used his first pairs of boards at the local Ski Club, the brother of Marie Bochet, the star of the family, knows that the reputation of his sister goes far beyond the world of skiing.

Paralympic Games, these biathletes who shoot blind

L'Oreal Mergers

At 25, has not Marie Bochet become a star on a podium that has nothing to do with her sport? Last September, she ran for the L'Oréal group during Fall Fashion Week. She came across fragrances far removed from Beaufort's flowery fragrance.

His father is the director of the cooperative manufacturing and selling the famous cheese from the Beaufort mountain pastures, around the big village of Beaufort, where she grew up in a family where it was never raised in cotton. "I was brought up like my brothers and sisters who had their ten fingers", often tells the young woman born with a very small arm extended by a single finger.

Beyond her fantastic track record, not necessarily unique in the world of handisport (the swimmer handi Béatrice Hess had won 20 gold medals between 1984 and 2004), Marie Bochet will always have a place apart in the world of sport, that pioneering. She was the first disabled student to join the sport-study program at the Albertville High School, a structure linked to the French Ski Federation. And the first young skier to open the Criterium slalom of the first snow in Val-d'Isère in 2010, while the tradition is that it is a young local skier who has this honor.

Member of the Athletes' Commission 2024

Recently, Marie Bochet was chosen to be part of the list of 18 members of the Athletes' Committee of the Paris Organizing Committee 2024, one of the few bodies that mixes athletes and disabled, on bases other than sports. Gathered under the presidency of the biathlete Martin Fourcade, they will be there to watch over the interests of the champions in the huge economic and political machine that starts.

Her ES baccalaureate, obtained with the highest honors, and the Sciences-Po diploma that she prepares as part of the section reserved for top athletes, will not be too much to feed an already authorized opinion on the place of the Para. "People are beginning to recognize us, finally, but the French remain cautious vis-à-vis the handicap", she said at the last World Ski Championships, which she returned with five gold medals out of five possible races.

Jean-François Fournel



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