Marie-Rose Guarniéri: “The demanding proletarian literature of Marcel Moreau”

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“Marcel Moreau [mort à Bobigny le 4 avril, des suites du coronavirus, ndlr] would not have liked to be said of him that he was a Belgian writer, he was born in the Borinage, in Belgium, but he was a French writer, it was very important for him. He was born in 1933 to a working class family. Her mother, who was a simple woman, had a perfect spelling. His father, who worked on the roofs, fell, he died and Marcel Moreau found himself head of the family at 15 years old. He arrived in Paris in 1968. Straight, his first novel (1963) was immediately praised by Simone de Beauvoir. He was recognized by Dubuffet, by Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin. His writing is lyrical, incandescent, of great beauty, and very classical, there is a purity, a baroque intoxication. It is a very demanding, new, held, very robust and noble proletarian literature.

“He was a possessed, a speleologist who wrote “In the bowels” (see his book visceral arts) who advocated the “Chaonaissance”, knowledge through chaos. Marcel Moreau is a companion in my life as a bookseller that I can never forget. He had written a Twisted Egobiography that I love. He had the art of titles, Mongolian thought, Love to die of it, the song of paroxysms… At Bourgois, Lettres vives. He had won the Wepler Prize in 2003 for Corpus Scripti, published by Denoël where Olivier Rubinstein reissued four of his books in one volume. He got up at 4 am to work, he was a proofreader in the press, wore his tongue like knowledge. He was a character, a big colossus, excessive, meat eater, passionate, very generous, very apart, wild, one of the last great wild authors, a “Filthy”, not a narcissist who refused meetings. I had organized an evening in Saint-Eustache around him with the organist Jean Guillou, and Denis Lavant was reading his texts, there I realized his aura.

“I read a lot during this confinement. I had passed byGospel of the lost from Georgina Tacou, to the Surveyor. I loved Girl by Camille Laurens (to be published by Gallimard). I was dazzled by a great Brazilian Lacanian, Betty Milan, who publishes with Erès From you to me, his responses to correspondence from the heart of a journal; by a conference by Delphine Horvilleur, Understanding the world (Bayard) and by Michael Edwards’ subversive essay on the Bible, For an untimely Christianity (Fallois).

Marie-Rose Guarniérie runs the Abbesses bookstore: 30, rue Yvonne-Le-Tac 75018.

Claire Devarrieux



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