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Marine Le Pen expects "absolutely nothing" from Emmanuel Macron's announcements

National Rally President, Marine Le Pen. – Alain ROBERT / SIPA

Marine Le Pen said he expects "absolutely nothing" from Emmanuel Macron's post-grand debate announcement, two days before the presentation of his manifesto on Europe, which The Parisian reveals some elements.

"I do not believe at all that the notebooks of grievances and the debates citizens make it possible to take stock of the concerns of the French. The way it was organized, the fact that the issues were constrained: everything was done precisely so that no claim could really emerge, "said the leader of the National Gathering (ex-FN) in a published interview Saturday night by the newspaper on his website.

"A national responsibility of the company"

"A very large majority of French people are for the RIC (citizens' initiative referendum). It's funny but it does not appear in the rendering of the big debate! The French do not want any more immigration. It's funny but no more! Added the finalist of the last presidential election.
In its European project, Marine Le Pen defends a "national responsibility of the enterprise (RNE)", calculated according to the hiring of a national labor force or the refusal to relocate, and which would condition the access public procurement.

It is specified that "no State should be forced to finance projects without a fair return at least equivalent to its contribution," according to the elements mentioned by the daily. In addition, the boss of the RN pleads again for localism in the face of the European People's Party (EPP) and the Party of European Socialists (PSE), supporters of free trade according to her. "It's their dogma. There is a major contradiction on their part in saying that we need tariffs that take into account environmental or social standards while voting for free trade agreements, "she says.


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