Mario Dandy Spreads Abuse Videos to 3 People, One of them is David Ozora’s Upperclassman at School, Jakarta – David Ozora’s attorney, Mellisa Anggraini, said that the suspect, Mario Dandy Satrio (20), deliberately spread the video of the persecution to a number of parties, allegedly as a place of pride for himself.

“The suspect Mario Dandy distributed videos of the persecution and boasted that he had played a trick on the victim,” Mellisa said when contacted in Jakarta, Thursday (23/3/2023) as reported by Antara.

Mellisa added that Mario deliberately spread the persecution video as a form of arrogance and thought he would always escape the law.

“This suspect is the mastermind of the persecution, his arrogance has reached the seventh heaven,” he said.

In addition, Mellisa also explained that Mario Dandy Satrio had distributed the video to three people, but only one was known.

“We don’t know who it was, but one of them was the victim’s upperclassman at school,” he said.