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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football can be really tough, especially beginners have it much harder in this title than in previous offshoots of the series. Whether it’s the galactic mode or the far too good online opponents in the Strikers Club, the opponents are just waiting to shove you into the electric fence to take the ball from you. In this guide I would like to give you some tips that I discovered for myself during my one-week review phase. You may have discovered some strategies for yourself that go beyond those described here. You are very welcome to present them in the comments.

Tip #0: Play the tutorial

Before we get into the actual tips, we highly recommend you play through the tutorial from start to finish. The key combinations in this game are completely different than in any previous installment and the tricks to achieve perfect shots should be well mastered. The feint (R button) in particular is an important control option for dodging opponents’ tackling attacks and requires a lot of practice to get the timing right. Incidentally, the feint can also be performed with the right stick, here you can set the direction individually. So if you haven’t played the tutorial, you shouldn’t whine that the opponents are far too strong.

Don’t look puzzled like Bowser, you’ll be fine! For this we have a couple of tips for you.

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Tip #1: Form a balanced team

In this game, 63 skill points are awarded for a total of five character values. You can change the following properties with it:

  • Kraft: Determines the power of tackles. The higher the value, the more resilient your character is. This means the character can only be knocked over by weak opponents if they charge up the tackle first.
  • Tempo: Determines the running speed of the character.
  • shot: Determines the hardness of the shot and the speed of the ball. Shots from the center line into the goal are more likely.
  • To suit: Determines passing speed and distance of through balls.
  • Technology: Determines the character’s trajectory, shot accuracy, and dribbling skills. This will make timing for perfect shots easier and increase the blue area when charging Hyper Shots.

It is advisable to have a balanced team in order to be prepared for any situation. A fast character can simply run past opponents. A powerful character can knock down opponents very easily. A character with a high shooting parameter can score goals even from a long distance. A character with high Technique can score goals effectively from close range. Learn your characters and enhance certain parameters with gear. Even if the game only has 10 characters to choose from, the customization options are particularly good thanks to equipment items. You should not equip one parameter to the maximum, otherwise all the others will be completely neglected. 15 to 20 points are completely sufficient.


With a very balanced team, I won the final cup for the first time. (Toad is missing from this picture.)

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Tip No. 2: Also score goals from the middle line

Some opponents, especially the computer players on the highest level of difficulty, are particularly aggressive and it’s not that easy to get past them. If you have a character equipped with a high shooting parameter, it might be worth shooting from the center line with that character. Although it doesn’t always work out, every now and then you might get a successful goal. At best, the shot should have been perfectly charged, meaning you should release the fire button after charging once the circle is filled. There is a cool slow motion effect and thus a successful goal.

Remember that you can also use the left stick to adjust the direction of the ball. If you play from the left at the right goal and while charging the shot, quickly move the left stick up, you will shoot at the post on the left as you see it, if you move the stick quickly down, you will hit the post on the right as you see it. Moving the stick to the right makes the ball fly low, while moving it to the left makes it fly high. Try to see where the goalkeeper and opponents are in order to put the ball into the goal through the free gap.


Perfectly charged shots from the center line even end up in the goal with a bit of luck.

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Tip #3: Try an easy shot in front of the penalty area

Characters with a high speed (e.g. Toad, Yoshi and Peach) tend to be smaller than strong characters. This means that they can also scurry past between opposing players. Once you have reached the penalty area and there is only boom boom separating you from the goal, you only need a bit of luck to put the shot into the goal skillfully. You can’t always charge the shot because the opponents are too close to you, but sometimes it’s worth just pressing the shot button very briefly. Again, remember that you can direct the shot (see tip #2).


With a bit of luck, short, uncharged shots will also land in the box.

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Tip No. 4: Use items consciously

The items in the game are not there to shoot randomly at opponents, but it is important to understand the effect of the items. Items like the banana or the green tank can also damage your team. It is worth throwing such items from a short distance. If you attempt a tackle against an opponent who is not in possession of the ball, it will be considered a foul and the opposing team will be rewarded with an item box. However, if you throw an item at players who do not have the ball, there is no item box for the opponents. This is something to keep in mind when planning attacks on opponents who don’t have the ball. What many people don’t know is that the mushroom can be used as a defensive item. With an activated mushroom, your character will move many meters forward when tackling, knocking over all enemies in the way. Try tackling with a mushroom, see the significant difference?

On top of that, it’s pretty smart to save the items well and drop them when charging the shot. While the shot is charging, any items can be activated in parallel. However, aiming the items is a bit difficult because you have to concentrate on several actions. Especially when charging up hyper shots, you can buy yourself some time by dropping items, like red tanks, on incoming enemies. Of course, it is not an easy tip and requires some coordination practice.


With red tanks, Waluigi has cleared his way. Nobody can stop him from his Hypershot now.

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Tip No. 5: Only use the star when in possession of the ball

In my experience, the star is very likely to be a safe goal if used correctly. You only get the star if your team is at least one goal behind. If you see the star in your inventory, it’s worth saving it until you’re in possession of the ball. If you are in possession of the ball, your character will automatically speed up and knock out any opponents who stand in its way. So run to the center line with the ball, activate the star and run as fast as you can until just before the penalty area. Then charge up a perfect shot and use the left stick to steer it up or down. In most cases your opponent has no chance to stop you as the duration of the effect is quite long. If you’ve just collected a Strike Orb, all the better: you only have to cross the center line and you can charge the perfect hyper shot directly with the activation of the star without having to worry about the opponents.


Waluigi is still invincible when he puts the shot in the box. The enemies can’t do anything about it, except hope for Boom Boom.

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Feel free to tell us about your experiences of how you played against difficult opponents. Do you have tips and tricks for our community?