Mario Strikers: Battle League Football overview trailer released

A new video (now finally translated from Japanese) shows the new game mechanics and gives insights into fresh game scenes from Mario Strikers: Battle League Football.

The ball is rolling again in the Mushroom Kingdom!

At the sport Strike, a game like football – if football had no rules or referees, eight players – four on each team, reinforced by a goalkeeper – make the pitch unsafe locally at a console or online against each other. The new video shows various new features as well as the action on the pitch, however there are still no signs of more than the known playable characters in sight.

Mario finally back on the soccer field!

In Mario Strikers Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad and other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom compete. Unfortunately, we still don’t see a similarly large selection as with the Mario Tennis or Mario Golf To play. Hope dies last, but it looks like the variety of characters will be limited to ten characters this time – which would of course be a shame.

In addition to powerful shots, brains also count on the pitch – with skillful team tackling, larger distances can be quickly overcome, opponents cleared of the way or a strike ball snatched. The latter enables an aesthetic hypershot, which brings in two points for a hit. Another peculiarity: fouls exist in Strike simply not – what is fun (and goals) is allowed.

But where there are no rules, your own protection is of course the be-all and end-all. The game principle is easy to learn, but also allows the use of sophisticated strategies. Characters can be outfitted with fancy gear to change their stats, such as speed and power. This means that all athletes can be individually adapted and put together to form a unique team.

In online mode Strikers-Club the Nintendo fans can gather their friends. Here they have the opportunity to found their own club with a total of 20 members or to join an existing one.

Mario's Super Shot

The kick-off for the fast-paced lawn sport will be on June 10th, when Mario Strikers: Battle League Football exclusive to Nintendo Switch.