Maritime transport: the ministry provides new details

The summer season is approaching and the sea route remains for many travelers the best alternative taking into account prices, availability but also sea travel. Sea transport is also used for goods, allowing the transport of large volumes. It is in this context that Abdellah Mondji, the Algerian Minister returned this Saturday, May 14, 2022 with new statements providing more details regarding the management of port activities.

In a statement published on the official page of the Ministry of Transport, the holding of a coordination meeting was revealed. Its main purpose is to develop maritime transport management by modernizing all activities related to passenger transport, among others. The Director General of the Merchant Navy and Ports was also present, accompanied by executives from the General Management, in order to present the next strategy and the action plans dedicated to future projects.

Abdellah Mondji communicated the necessary directives in order to carry out the instructions given by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune. In fact, he first put forward the obligation to reconsider handling activities in order to be able to properly study the possibility of reducing currency transfers by taking part with more involvement in the national market.

Then, with regard to the modernization of the various axes of maritime transport, he mentioned the dematerialization and digitization thanks to electronic services but also the development of a more efficient information system. In addition, he affirmed the need to “update the legal texts” that govern this sector of activity in order to align with the international laws of the International Maritime Organization and the international market.

Finally, human capital was also mentioned with the emphasis on a skilled workforce through training and the development of human capacities.

Algeria Ferries: the deputy for emigration evokes a new program for the month of June

With the need to increase crossings in order to increase the flow, travelers are wondering about a potential change of program. Even if the authorities and the institution have not officially communicated the dates, nor the number of round trips planned, the deputy for emigration and chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Mohamed Hani mentioned a new program for the month of June during a television intervention on the Berber TV channel.

Even if he acknowledged that the number of ships available to the national company is not large enough, he underlined a greater recovery from June knowing that there is already “a guaranteed crossing between Algiers and Marseille per week” currently. He therefore affirmed that according to his forecasts there will be at least four rotations per week between Algiers and Marseille by next month. Nevertheless, it would be more appropriate to wait for an official press release from Algeria Ferries before making any reservations for this summer.