Marius Müller-Westernhagen returns all echoes


After honoring controversial rapists Kollegah and Farid Bang with an Echo Music Award, several award winners have returned their trophies. Marius Müller-Westernhagen wants to return all his trophies. This announced the musician on Tuesday on Facebook and at “”. Klaus Voormann, friend and companion of the Beatles, gave back on Monday the echo for his life’s work. “What felt like a present on the occasion of my 80th birthday turns out to be a great disappointment,” said the musician and graphic designer in Munich. The rappers were honored for their latest album “Jung, Brutal, Handsome 3”, which is criticized for being anti-Semitic because of lines like “Make a Holocaust again, come on with the Molotov cocktail”. The Echo gala last Thursday took place on the Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day, even during the ceremony, there was sharp criticism. “What needs to happen that an echo ethics council takes consequences and rejects a nomination despite megacounts of an album for ethical reasons?” Voormann asked. “Provocation is allowed and sometimes even necessary to provide food for thought,” said the bassist Borderline to inhuman, misogynist, racist, anti-Semitic and glorifying violence utterances and deeds should not be exceeded. On Tuesday, the conductor Enoch zu Guttenberg also returned his prize. In 2008 Guttenberg and the orchestra of Klangverwaltung won the Echo Klassik in the category “Symphonic Recording of the Year”. “The former symbol of good artistic work has turned into a filthy memento for a development in our country that fills us with deepest concern,” wrote zu Guttenberg now together with violinist Andreas Reiner in an open letter to the Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Previously, the Berlin Notos Quartet had already declared to return his Echo Klassik 2017 in the category Best Young Artists. Until recently, the echo for them was “the most prestigious and largest music award in Germany,” said the musicians on Facebook. The fact that the prize “tolerates open racism, even offers it a platform and distinguishes it is unsustainable for us”. The award for her is now “a symbol of shame”. The rapper Kollegah (r) and Farid Bang at the Echo Awards. Photo: dpa / Jörg Carstensen Rock singer Wolfgang Niedecken, who had given Voormann the echo, directed his turn sharp allegations to the organizers. They had him and Voormann at the awarding of the music awards “just let the knife,” writes the BAP frontman on Facebook. Niedecken explains that he did not know the lyrics of the rappers. “At the penultimate show act, we were confronted with the inhuman brutality of the two pseudo-musicians, but without understanding any of their babbling. Text intelligibility: Nonsmoking. And then our two guitars were already on stage and I had to decide in a flash how I should behave adequately.

Peter Maffay calls for more transparency Rock musician Peter Maffay also calls the lack of sensitivity “unbearable” and demands consequences. The lack of transparency in the award must be lifted, so that the echo is credible again. There must be an ethical understanding that is binding for all. “Anyone who does not stick to it can not expect to be considered in the echo,” the singer suggests. On Facebook, Maffay wrote that, especially given the German past, the price for the rapper is a “slap in the face of democratic understanding in our country”. The pianist Igor Levit has also returned his echo classic. The award to the two rappers was for him “a completely irresponsible, unbelievable misstep of the Echo jury and at the same time also an expression of the current state of our society,” wrote Levit on Twitter. “To give anti-Semitic slogans such a platform and awards is unbearable.” Levit received an echo classic in 2014. Echo critic: Klaus Voormann was given an echo for his life’s work on Thursday by Wolfgang Niedecken. Now he has the … Photo: dpa / Jörg Carstensen As previously announced, Florian has pressures, CEO of the Bundesverband Musikindustrie, after the massive criticism of the award ceremony on April 12, announced that the concept would be renewed. “At the decision of the board, the price will be revised from today,” he said, “and we had to recognize that we are in an environment that puts the price in the wrong light,” said Press. First personnel consequences The President of the German Cultural Council, Christian Höppner, announced on Monday evening his retirement from the Advisory Board of the Music Prize. Thus, the ongoing criticism of the honors of the rapper Kollegah & Farid Bang first personnel consequences. Höppner commented on the awarding of the “culture trophy” to former Bundestag President Norbert Lammert. Höppner expressed the conviction that the format of the “Echo” Award “was no longer socially acceptable”. The music of Kollegah & Farid Bang was “not mine. The lyrics I find disgusting. “He had the decision of the jury but initially respecting the aspect of freedom of art. Höppner, one of seven Advisory Council members, spoke of a “spiraling escalation spiral of hatred, racism and violence” that has been observed for years. The German Cultural Council had distanced itself from the award without openly criticizing its own president.

Lammert: original responsibility of the state Lammert also addressed the debate on the “Echo” award. Constitutional principles and fundamental rights included freedom of thought, opinion and art. But whether any form of racism, misogyny, glorification of violence or anti-Semitism really needs to be accepted, “this is something one must and must argue about, if necessary before ordinary courts. What should be worthy of it, opens up to me not at all. ” The claim to freedom of art should not lead to arbitrariness, according to the CDU politician. An aesthetically modest concept of art abandons itself and is no longer distinguishable from a political statement Lammert said that there is an original responsibility of the state for the culture of remembrance and dealing with its own history. How a country handles its own history determines its self-image and its image among neighbors and partners. dpa / epd / KNA


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