Mariusz Pudzianowski earned a fortune in the fight against Bombardier! How much does KSW pay?

We would like to remind you that the duel of both players was supposed to take place a few months ago, but on the day of the match Bombardier ended up in the hospital due to appendicitis. The fight had to be postponed, and Mariusz quickly found a new opponent. The play was successful and Pudzian entered the octagon with Nikola Milanovic. The Pole had no major problems and scored another victory. Then he fought the legend of Polish MMA – Łukasz Jurkowski and also won.

KSW. An impressive knockout, a very weak opponent

Everyone, however, remembered the duel with the huge Bombardier. The federation authorities promised that this clash would take place and it happened so. Last weekend, both players faced each other in a cage during a gala at the Atlas Arena in Łódź. Many fans counted on emotions and an interesting fight – reality, however, wrote a different, lightning-quick script. Mariusz Pudzianowski knew after a few seconds of the match that he would not have any major problems with the champion of Senegalese wrestling. The Pole delivered the blows, until after one of them Serigne fell on the boards and the referee had to stop the fight.

KSW. What rivals for Pudzianowski?

After being revived, the Senegalese man did not know what had happened and was surprised that the fight was over. This shows that Mariusz had to deal a powerful blow that stunned his big rival. Another thing is that the rulers should, however, think about the sense of organizing such duels next time. Serigne definitely had no MMA experience, and even before the fight it was obvious that he was extremely slow to strike. For an experienced Mariusz, this is definitely too low a shelf. Immediately after the end of the fight, it was clearly visible on Pudzian’s face that he was not entirely satisfied that he had only fought a dozen seconds in the octagon. Yes, an impressive knockout, we will probably talk about it for some time, nevertheless, KSW is required to combine players who will be able to make any interesting fight with each other.

KSW. Giant money for Pudzian

Despite such a short clash, Mariusz Pudzianowski cannot complain about the payment he received from the federation authorities. Super Express unofficially announced that the KSW star won as much as half a million zlotys. This is one of the largest payouts in the history of Polish MMA. It is surprising that Mariusz received such a salary for fighting such a weak opponent. In his career, he already had much more serious rivals in the cage.