Marjinka’s destruction is total. Drone video shows a city that is no more

Drone footage taken over Marjinka, where over 9,000 residents lived before the battle, shows the overwhelming extent of the damage caused by the Russian attacks. In places, you can see the remains of buildings that can still serve as shields for the Ukrainian defenders.

Russian forces are methodically destroying Ukrainian defensive positions at the site. They primarily use heavy equipment and artillery – until they have largely razed the area. Defenders usually have no choice but to retreat.

There is no civilian population left in the city. “It is impossible for anyone to live there,” Marjinka police chief Artem Šus told AP.

Russian forces have recently deployed a large amount of combat equipment in the Marjinka area with the aim of gaining control of the town as quickly as possible. However, most of the attacks ended in complete failure. You can read more about the military action here.

Now the invading troops are apparently slowly pushing the Ukrainian defenders out of the practically completely destroyed Marjinka.

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