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Marjorie 'explodes' against Julián Gil for not signing his son's passport

Mexico City.- The actress Marjorie De Sousa is going through a bad time.

The model also confessed that she is going through one of the greatest family sorrows she has faced, after Julián Gil he will deny the signing of the passport to his son Matías Gregorio.

Although Marjorie has said on several occasions that she is worried about separating herself from her son when she has work commitments outside the country, another of her biggest conflicts is that more than two years of the birth of his first-born, his father does not know him yet.

So he said in an interview for the program A new day:

No, I have not been able to get my son out of the country (Mexico) and my father has not been able to come either. My mother is still crying because of the fact of returning to her house, the other day she said to me crying 'I am going to return to my house, after 5 years I am going to open the doors of my house'. "

It should be noted that Marjorie's father lives in Venezuela, and due to the political problems that arise in that country is that the man does not leave his house, and because of the passport issue Marjorie can not travel with the child.

In the same way, De Sousa revealed that every person who gets on an airplane fears that a accident and can leave both his son and his mother helpless, since both depend economically on her.

Finally, and without stating anything against Julian, the artist hinted that all these problems have made her feel very much Rage and impotence.

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