Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Mark Zuckerberg could lose control of Facebook

Several shareholders of Facebook, have decided to withdraw the presidency to its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Although there is nothing definite yet, it is expected that at the end of May a determinative will be taken.

The board's decision on Zuckerberg's dismissal was made public through a publication in the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The reason why the company's partners want to go out to Mark is because "Their dual-class actions give them approximately 60% of the shares with voting rights of Facebook, leaving the council, even with an independent leader, with a limited capacity to control the power of Mr. Zuckerberg, "they said.

In this way, they consider that it is a factor that could affect them, however, as happened in 2017, this proposal could be null.

Since, being Mark the highest shareholder, with the highest percentage of votes, the diligence of being out of control would be without effect.

Given this situation, the creator of Facebook and owner of other platforms has not expressed his opinion about it.

So it will be next month when the decision made by the entire board of directors is known.

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