Mark Zuckerberg reportedly dries his armpits before speeches

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This job is the worst!

Communications employees in the social media giant Facebook routinely dry the armpits of CEO Mark Zuckerberg before the big speeches, says a new book.

Zuckerberg, who became famous for his sweat during a televised interview in 2010, “is consumed by his public image,” according to a Bloomberg review of Steven Levy’s new book, “Facebook: The Inside Story.”

The 35-year-old wants to look cool and dry instead of sweaty and nervous, and has assistants who make sure his famous gray shirts are spotless before going on stage at public events, according to the report.

“I doubt this is true,” a Facebook spokesman told Business Insider when the complaint was filed. “If so, it would have been at the request of our communications team, but surely anyone who has worn a gray shirt can relate.”

After a Twitter communications employee shared the report, CEO Jack Dorsey said he had never asked his employees to dry the graves, but that he would be “happy to provide that service to anyone on our communications team if it were necessary”.



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