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MARKET REPORT: AA's "secret" semi-financial insurance businesses are taking the stock price in the opposite direction

The towing service AA has issued a report on the company following the publication of a report by the brokers. He criticized a hidden cheap policy that could "exploit" the revenue.

Last month, it turned out that AA was offering a casualty insurance to drivers within 20 kilometers of their home country.

The company did not announce this policy, but mentioned it to the existing AA members when they called for demolition.

Credit Suisse analysts noted that only 27,000 of these £ 45 policies have been closed, but this could increase as more of AA's 3.3 million AA clients seek out or leave the policy.

Shock on the Runners: Last month, AA found that it was offering insurance coverage to drivers within 20 miles of their home country

Shock on the Runners: Last month, AA found that it was offering insurance coverage to drivers within 20 miles of their home country

Shock on the Runners: Last month, AA found that it was offering insurance coverage to drivers within 20 miles of their home country

The broker said in a research note, "We believe this offering represents an innovative AA content retention strategy."

However, if more people were pursuing the cheap policy, it would be "cannibalism for the personal members' revenue base," the statement added.

The Competition and Market Authority reviews fines for UK companies after complaints have been made by customers who say they pay more to stay with a service provider than new customers.

Nor, following this ongoing investigation, did Credit Suisse state that AA would not be able to offer the significantly reduced service exclusively to outgoing customers, and that it might need to be open to all.

If the cheap policy had to be communicated to all members, the number of users could rise to around 115,000.

AA shares plunged 7.5 percent or 8.15 pence to 100.25 pence, the day after they rose 3 percent on a positive note from their housekeeper Peel Hunt. Peel Hunt's analysts said, "Under a strengthened management team, AA is facing an exciting future."

Stock Watch – Haydale Graphene

Supermaterial graphene has surfaced in the industry, from fashion to electrical components, but Haydale graphs seem to be lost.

His stock plunged 42.5 percent, or 10 pence, to 13.5 pence, believing that funding was needed to stay afloat. There were discussions with lenders.

Orders were also slower than expected, cutting costs by £ 1 million.

Haydale materials are used for reinforced bodies, precision printers and cutting tools.

The British blue chip index failed to hold the gains of the week, slipping 0.5 percent or 35.34 points to 7,105.34 points as miners fell on weak economic data from China.

The Antofagasta copper mine fell 4.9 percent or 39.8 percentage points to 778.2 percentage points as growth in the Chinese producer price index – which measures the prices of businesses for their goods and services – slowed.

This sign of weakness in China depressed commodity prices, as the country is a major importer of commodities. Fresnillo also slipped 4.7 per cent or 42p to 861p and Glencore fell 4.4 per cent or 14.1p to 303.9p.

David Madden of CMC Markets said, "There is still concern that China is slowing down, driving the sale of natural resources."

These concerns over demand also weighed on luxury clothing designer Burberry.

The British fashion house, which has attempted to pull younger customers aside and rely heavily on Asian buyers by selling limited-edition £ 290 T-shirts, was the biggest loser on the FTSE 100 because of its stakes 4.9 percent or less fell 91p to 1773.5p.

A mountain of miners also weighed on the FTSE 250, which was still under pressure from oil companies.

The price of Brent crude oil fell below $ 70 a barrel and has lost more than 20 percent since peaking last month.

Traders have pushed prices higher as Iraq could add more oil to the market soon, under pressure from President Trump to increase supply.

The US president has called on the allies to increase their oil production so that Iran can restrict exports.

London-listed Tullow Oil fell 6.7 percent, or 14.6 percentage points, to 203.7 percentage points due to the lower price.

Premier Oil was just behind, dropping 6.3 percent or 6.65 pence to 99.05 pence, and Cairn Energy fell 6.1 percent or 12.6 pence to 193.4 pence.


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