Marketing and sustainable development: reducing the differences


The present study was developed by the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) in partnership with Project 17, the communications division focused on the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals and the firm BVA Nudge Unit specializing in behavior change, as well as than with about 30 national marketing associations around the world, including the ACA.

The report examines the significant differences regarding urgent actions to be taken in the area of ​​sustainable development and the relatively modest measures being taken in this direction. Here are some of the discrepancies analyzed:

  • Consumer expectations versus consumer perceptions of the efforts made by brands in terms of sustainable development.
  • The efforts made to sustainable development programs by a company versus the nature of the messages sent by the marketing department.
  • The proven power of brands to make a difference versus what brands do to help consumers make better environmental choices and lead more sustainable lifestyles.

The report explains why these discrepancies exist and shares basic recommendations to mitigate these gaps.

The survey report captures responses from some 653 marketing executives, including some Canadians, and incorporates the results of in-depth interviews with thirteen chief marketing officers (CMOs).

The global report has a sub-report that presents the results for Canada and compares them to the global benchmarks.

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