Marketing For Future award for Ulm women’s power


This year, the Alliance for Climate-Positive Behavior eV honored companies that do climate-positive marketing, but also address innovation and science. In addition to the climate campaign “Climate now!” by the city of Stuttgart, another award has now gone to Baden-Württemberg in Berlin. With “E.COOLINE – climate-friendly air conditioning”, the Ulm company pervormance international GmbH was praised for its innovation.

Due to global warming, people are always suffering from the heat. The summer of 2022 has shown that there are more and more health problems at work, in sports, in leisure time and in numerous homes. Especially in the cities, the temperatures are sometimes unbearable and are 10°C higher than in the countryside. Elderly people in particular, but also people with previous illnesses, suffer from the heat. Excess mortality can be observed every year in summer. However, air conditioning systems are not a solution, as they are already responsible for more than a gigatonne of CO2, environmentally harmful refrigerants and more than 8% of the world’s electrical energy. Ascending trend. Therefore, alternatives are required. This is exactly where the smart 3D cooling technology of the Ulm entrepreneurs comes into play.
Integrated in actively cooling vests, t-shirts, hats, as well as arm and leg cooling, you can cool down effectively in the heat – without cooling the whole room. This makes energy sense and is sustainable. In addition, no electricity is required for this, only the natural refrigerants water and air. “This allows you to save up to 97% CO2 compared to air conditioning,” emphasizes pharmacist and managing director Gabriele Renner. “In addition, the technology is produced in Germany, we manufacture the products sustainably, use renewable energies and save waste with durable unisex collections. The material is also recyclable.”
The concept also convinced the jury chaired by Peter John Mahrenholz. The award is a further incentive for the doers at pervormance international to do even more. “The cooling technology also has further potential in the construction and automotive sectors, as well as as an emergency measure in heat action plans,” says sports scientist and colleague Managing Director Sabine Stein. The first project for climate-friendly cooling in buildings will be presented shortly and further projects are being planned. The technology not only helps against heat in summer, but also in the energy crisis, with energy saving and climate protection. All topics where solutions and innovations are urgently needed at the moment.