Marketing lecture in the Linz beer brewery

LINZ. A successful premiere took place on Wednesday in the Linz brewery: around 80 students from the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) gathered there to take part in an introductory course on the subject of marketing.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the unusual setting, both the student participants and the speaker, Markus Eiselsberg, were enthusiastic. “This course is about positioning, price development, segmentation and much more – this location was of course perfect for that,” says Eiselsberg. A sequel could follow.

Also on site were Michael Ehrengruber, Head of Marketing at Raiffeisenlandesbank, Wolfgang Niederhauser, Head of Marketing at Edelweiss Hotels, Christoph Teller, Head of the Institute for Trade, Sales and Marketing at the JKU, Linzer Bier – master brewer Martin Simion and Michael Pötscher, Managing Director of the Linz brewery.