Markets: Exchange rate | Dollar clears all its earnings for the month and closes at S /

The price of the dollar in Peru closed down this Friday due to a global fall in the currency after the speech of the president of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell, on the monetary policy that the entity will take to face to the coronavirus.

He exchange rate it ended today at S / 3,534 in the interbank market, a decrease of 0.87% compared to the S / 3,565 at the end of Thursday, according to data from the Central Reserve Bank.

The US currency posted its third consecutive fall and at its worst level in 4 weeks, which has erased all the gains for August after having oscillated between S / 3.54 and S / 3.58.

The currencies and stock markets of Latin America accentuated their gains due to the weakness of the dollar at a global level by giving up risk aversion after the Fed will announce its new strategy focused on employment and inflation.

The Federal Reserve’s campaign was interpreted as that ultra-low interest rates appear to be here to stay, which would feed investors’ appetite for emerging assets in search of better returns.

In the parallel or informal market, the exchange rate is quoted at S / 3,570 for the sale and S / 3,530 for the purchase.


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