Markus Beginning new coach at Dynamo Dresden​

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Beginning becomes a new coach at Dynamo Dresden after the suspension

On the day his ban was suspended, coach Markus Anfang had a job in professional football again after the vaccination scandal. He gets his new chance at Dynamo Dresden. His vaccination status is unchanged.

The questions about his vaccination status and his attitude towards the corona virus also accompany Markus Anfang when he restarts as a coach in professional football. After the scandal over the use of a fake vaccination card, the 47-year-old is given a second chance on the very day his suspension on probation is suspended at Dynamo Dresden, which was relegated to the second division. Beginning reported that he had been infected twice with Corona and explained when asked that he was still not vaccinated.

“I got through it well, I’m fine,” he said of his corona infections. “I think it’s absolutely fine if you get vaccinated and have the protection. If you have a risk, you just want it cleared up. Nobody can take away my fear and give me the security that nothing will happen to me.”

The date of his performance is no coincidence, on Friday the one-year ban was suspended by the German Football Association. Beginning resigned as coach of the then second division club Werder Bremen in November after the public prosecutor’s office had initiated investigations into him for using a fake vaccination card. The Bremen District Court then sentenced Beginning to a fine totaling 36,000 euros, and the DFB also suspended him.

“Unfortunately, the mistake is mine, I can’t undo it. I brought this on myself and I don’t blame anyone else for it,” said Beginning. “I apologized to the people I disappointed. That’s all I can do. And I can’t expect people to forgive me.”

He again explained that he did not have a vaccination with a “certain fear” based on personal experiences. His aunt died of a heart attack after being vaccinated. “That has nothing at all to do with my attitude towards a corona vaccination, I think it’s absolutely fine if you get vaccinated.” He himself had been vaccinated against hepatitis and tetanus.

Dynamo sports director Ralf Becker had already worked with Beginning at Holstein Kiel. “The mistake was the handling of the matter. But we will get through this together, I am convinced of him as a coach and as a person,” said Becker. Together, the two managed to climb up to the third division with Kiel in the 2016/2017 season. Becker sees the beginning “as the best possible solution” and gave him a two-year contract for all three professional leagues.

Now the leap back into the 2nd league should succeed. The duo wants to help Dynamo, who have not won 19 games in a row and said goodbye to 17 players so far, to shine again after the upheaval. Beginning gets his second chance in professional football in the federal state in which the rate of corona vaccinations is currently the lowest at just under 66 percent.