Markus Söder wants to award the “Held von Würzburg” medal for bravery

Three women were killed in Würzburg on Friday. Several people opposed the attacker. Söder now wants to pay them a special honor.

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) wants to award courageous helpers of the knife attack in Würzburg with the Bavarian Rescue Medal. “You have shown the highest level of moral courage,” said Söder on Monday of the “Main-Post”.

The Bavarian Rescue Medal is a state award for people who have saved people from mortal danger at the risk of their own lives. According to a spokeswoman for the State Chancellery, it is not yet known how many people will receive the rescue medal.

Woman from Baden-Württemberg slightly injured by the perpetrator

In the meantime, more details about the crime will be revealed on Friday. A 26-year-old from Baden-Württemberg was also slightly injured in the knife attack, as a police spokesman announced on Monday. She was reported in the Main-Tauber district and found on the street in downtown Würzburg after the attack on Friday.

All other victims of the 24-year-old perpetrator from Somalia are registered in Lower Franconia. The three women killed, aged 24, 49 and 82, lived in the districts of Main-Spessart, Würzburg and in the city of Würzburg.

In addition, the attacker slightly injured three other women (39, 52, 73), a girl (11) and a teenager (16) with a knife and a 57-year-old man (57). According to the police, these victims live in the city and district of Würzburg.

Federal government: “Incomprehensible brutality”

The federal government also commented on the act on Monday. “It is an act of incomprehensible brutality and malevolence,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday in Berlin. The sympathy goes to the victims, their families and eyewitnesses.

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“The Chancellor and the entire Federal Government hope that the injuries will heal, that those affected can regain health in body and soul and that they will find company and support for this journey,” said Seibert. But there is also reason to be grateful: for the rapid intervention of the police and the courage and presence of mind of passers-by who opposed the alleged perpetrator. “This is a heroic deed that they have accomplished,” said Seibert of the latter.

Motive still unclear

A 24-year-old man from Somalia had killed three women he apparently did not know with a knife in downtown Würzburg on Friday afternoon. He also injured seven other people, five of whom were in mortal danger after the attack.

Why the migrant, who lived in a homeless shelter in Würzburg, attacked the people is still unknown. The perpetrator has had psychological problems several times in the past. However, the investigators are also checking whether it could be an Islamist attack. Seibert also referred to “evidence of Islamist hate propaganda” in the alleged perpetrator’s accommodation.