Marlijn Weerdenburg is pregnant again: ‘I’m looking forward to the delivery’

And so she is more than a fan of the podcast Podnataal by Simone Wijnands. ‘When she invited me, I was immediately super enthusiastic.’ So enthusiastic, in fact, that she decided to announce her pregnancy in the podcast. A first, says Wijnands proudly.

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“I am pregnant again, with a second child,” Weerdenburg reveals in the podcast. “I am very happy that I can become a mother again. I love that Teun has a brother or sister. ” Although the little man has his preference. “He really wants a sister himself, he keeps telling me.”

Although Weerdenburg had a tough delivery the first time, she is looking forward to the moment. “I’m looking forward to the second delivery. Now I know what it’s like and can’t wait to experience it again. ”

The actress also tells how she is doing. “I feel really good. The first weeks I was really nauseous, and I’m really tired. Anyway, that’s part of it. ”

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You can listen to the entire episode of ‘Podnataal’ with Marlijn Weerdenburg below.