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After 12 years, the RCN Channel’ decided to reissue the famous novel ‘El Capo’, in which Marlon Moreno was the protagonist and played the role of Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo.

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Marlon moreno is a renowned Colombian actor who has participated in popular productions such as ‘Perro eats a dog’ (2008), ‘Hunting fireflies’ (2012) and ‘Corazón de León’ (2015).

After his successful stint in acting, the artist started an acting school, has won film festivals and ventured out by lending his voice to a documentary series.

This is what has happened in the life of the remembered ‘El Capo’ actor.

The remembered villain of Colombian television

Marlon Moreno has excelled in various roles, having cultivated an extensive acting career in film and television.

However, the role of Pedro Pablo Leon Jaramillo, alias ‘El Capo’, was one of the characters that undoubtedly marked a before and after in the artist’s career.

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The production took place between 2009 and 2010. Moreno shared the screen with actresses such as Katherine Vélez, Natalia Jerez and María Adelaida Puerta.

The ‘narconovela’ was so successful that in 2012 its second season came out with the name ‘El capo, immortal’. In 2014 a third season aired. In total, the trilogy had 224 episodes.

‘El Capo’ is one of the narco soap operas that have dominated the country’s ratings.

However, the artist once again captivated the screens with his performance in the production. ‘Analía’s revenge’ (2020).

In this series he played the antagonistic role of Guillermo León Mejía, an ambitious man with a lack of values ​​and morals who faces a presidential candidacy.

In the past he committed heinous crimes, including the murder of Analía’s mother.

With this character Marlon not only generated an impact on the audience, but also won an India Catalina for ‘Best Antagonic Actor’.

The series is on the streaming platform Netflix, and at the time of its launch it reached the top 10 of the most viewed productions.

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Did you move to Miami due to the absence of productions?

After these roles, the actor has been seen very little in productions. However, the artist told the magazine ‘Vea’ that he moved to the United States and not precisely due to lack of work.

“I will continue to be an actor until the day I die,” said Moreno.

The decision to move to another country was motivated by the work of his wife Sara Rayo. The woman is a talented plastic artist, daughter of the renowned artist Omar Rayo.

In January of this year the exhibition ‘From Rayo to Rayo, intaglios’ was inaugurated, in which the artist was present with four works of paper.

In the interview, Marlon highlighted that USA It is the best place for Sara to do her artistic work.

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“I can live anywhere, but my wife’s clients are in New York, Miami, Barranquilla and even Europe, so she was the generator of this change,” explained the actor.

‘Inocencia’ and her acting school: from director to teacher

Marlon is known for his acting career. However, he is also a producer, writer and director.

On August 30, the artist appeared in a video on the official account of the Norte de Santander International Film and Short Film Festival telling that ‘Inocencia’ was in the official fiction selection.

‘Inocencia’ is a short film directed by Marlon Moreno, who also participated in the Redmoon of Argentina and Shorts Mexico 2021.

On the other hand, Marlon told the aforementioned magazine that his acting school in Cali was affected by isolation and the pandemic.

However, and despite the circumstances, the actor also decided to transfer his academy to USA.

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“I have 15 students, I have never thought of having 200. They have started to travel and continue with the process and the idea is to continue making productions with them,” he explained to the magazine.

Lends his voice for the first time

Marlon moreno

But the actor also took another path: ‘Metropolis’ is the documentary series in which Marlon Moreno participates, but not as an actor but as a narrator.

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The production, which was launched on September 22 by the pay television channel ‘A&E’, is a documentary series that recounts the work of the police and firefighters in the city.

Metropolis: Bogotá

Metropolis: Bogotá reveals intense security and emergency situations.


In a conversation the actor had with EL TIEMPO he highlighted: “Many times I used to joke at home with my family and we played at being storytellers. That was something that I always liked ”.

“When this project came, I did the audition and when they decided that it could be useful, I think I achieved one of those dreams that, although they are not the greatest as an actor, have always been there,” added the actor about his new projects .

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