Marriages of convenience related to Brexit

So far, none of these cases have been tracked, the broadcaster reported on Wednesday. According to the BBC, which obtained the figures via a freedom of information request, 365 couples attempted to take advantage of the EU Settlement Scheme.

This system guarantees EU citizens who were already living in Great Britain before Brexit largely the same rights as before the exit from the EU. You can work, live and use the healthcare system in the UK. Spouses of any nationality could also apply in this system and be granted such a right to stay.

In the fraud cases, EU citizens are said to have entered into marriages of convenience with non-EU citizens in order to transfer their right to stay to them – in some cases for money, in other cases criminal gangs are said to have been involved. According to the BBC, none of these sham spouses have been prosecuted and their right to stay withdrawn.

The Home Office told the BBC fewer such cases had been followed up during the pandemic.