Married TV diva Anna Rozīte

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Feders has announced the happy event on the social network “Facebook” by posting a photo from the wedding venue – the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia.

“One word can change your decision.
One feeling can change your life.
One person can change you …

Anna, thank you! Your husband “- this photo was signed by Gints.

In the summer of 2016, after more than a year of being together, Anna accepted her beloved’s offer. It happened during the magical summer solstice, which Anna and Gints spent on a romantic trip outside Latvia.

“Internally, I have a feeling that I want to go the way of my life together,” the magazine said What’s new said Anna Rozīte’s fiancé Gints Feders at the time. Already last year, he admitted that Anna had fallen in love to the ears. “We live here and now, we enjoy the moment. Anna has always been a perfect woman for me, she clearly has all the most important female energies. And I’ll tell you more – she drinks superfood cocktails and even sort waste! ” excited Feders.

Emilija’s father’s sympathetic TV face divorced from her less than five-year-old daughter five and a half years ago. Gints also has a broken relationship behind him. Feders divorced his ex-wife and mother of two sons several years ago, and at the end of 2014, the marriage was officially divorced.

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