A nice story. Mourad Tsimpou, a 14-year-old who grew up in the city of La Castellane, in the northern suburbs of Marseille, received Sunday 16 a beautiful gift thanks to the socialist Senator Samia Ghali: a piano.

Mourad used to play the piano on the self-service instrument in the corridors of La Timone Hospital. A netizen, Rayan Guerra, witnessed his talent on Wednesday 12, filmed him at work playing Chopin and posted the video on Twitter. The buzz took very quickly.

Mourad's prowess went around the Internet and even André Manoukian asked for the details of the young man.

The buzz was so resounding that it reached the ears of Samia Ghali who decided to do everything to give him a piano, so he does not have to go to the hospital to exercise his passion.

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Eric Scotto, the head of a music store in Marseille, answered the call of the elected and therefore met Mourad Sunday to make him this beautiful gift. He will have to make a place for him in the small family apartment he shares with his parents and his four siblings.

The teenager explained to Provence that he had taken a passion for the piano thanks to Marianne Suner, a composer who made an intervention in her school when he was little. He started to learn piano and singing by his side, and was able to take classes thanks to a solidarity collection in his neighborhood.

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