MARSEILLE: COVID-19 – Liberal doctors from PACA urgently request stocks of sufficient doses

Following the latest government announcements, the number of vaccination requests in the PACA region has increased considerably, saturating the reception capacities of several vaccination centers.

Actively engaged since March 2020 in the fight against the epidemic, liberal doctors continue to mobilize on the ground by offering their patients to be vaccinated in their practice. Faced with the alarming shortage of doses allocated to practices, doctors urgently request new stocks in order to absorb the massive influx of requests. URPS ML PACA also recalls the central role of treating physicians, actors of proximity and trust, to reassure and (re) establish a dialogue with residents who wonder or are still reluctant to be vaccinated. .

Laurent Saccomano, President of the URPS ML PACA: “The liberal doctors of the region have been mobilized since the first hour in the face of the health crisis: deployment of screening centers, decryption and fight against disinformation with their patients, vaccination in the center and within their practice, etc. Today, faced with the worrying progression of the Delta variant, vaccination has yet to accelerate, especially during the summer. If we want vaccination in the office to become a reflex, it is essential that private practitioners are fully integrated into the vaccination strategy and receive sufficient doses as quickly as possible. “

In addition to the strictly logistical aspect, the question of patients’ reluctance and fears at the idea of ​​being vaccinated remains a key issue in the vaccination strategy. URPS ML PACA recalls that the attending physician, a trusted and local player, has a central role to play in answering patients’ questions and establishing an open dialogue, in a peaceful environment.