Mart Hoogkamer wants to sell out Johan Cruijff ArenA or De Kuip in five years | NOW

Mart Hoogkamer dreams big: the singer will start a theater tour in the autumn, but hopes for even bigger stages in the future. He would like to fill De Kuip or the Johan Cruijff ArenA with an audience, says the 24-year-old artist in conversation with The Telegraph.

“Those are plans that may be realistic in five years. But just like in the past, you have to believe in something and go for it, otherwise you will never get there,” said the singer.

Recently Hoogkamer, known for the hit I am going to swim, twice in a sold-out Ahoy. At the end of this year he will be touring with the band that normally tours with André Hazes. Hoogkamer does not yet know what will happen to the band when Hazes, who has not been performing for some time, returns to the stage.

“I’ve had a taste of playing with them and only want to do more with them. In Ahoy they were so good when I performed there twice. Anyway, it’s hard to say that it’s my band now. They also play for other artists. We haven’t talked about how Micky (Fisser, drummer of the band, ed.) will be when André starts again. What I do know is that we are having a great time together now. have,” the singer said.

Now that he has broken through, Hoogkamer also discovers the downsides of fame: during performances he already had beer thrown at his head. “People don’t realize how unpleasant it is to have a glass of beer all over you. The moment it happens, it’s very humiliating. If you get a full beer on your microphone, you can be unlucky with your front teeth out lying down.”