Marta Calvo’s mother: “Where my daughter is, there are sure to be more bodies”

Marisol Burónmother of Martha Baldassured this Tuesday, at the end of the trial against the confessed author of the disappearance of her daughter, that she is sure that the defendant did not dismember the body, but that he disposed of it in a place where she is convinced that there are more corpses.

the view against George Ignatius Palmathe confessed author of the disappearance of the body of Marta Calvo (which has not yet been found) and alleged murderer of two other young women, has reached his eleventh day this Tuesday, in which the events allegedly occurred in the early hours of the November 6 to 7, 2019 in the house that the defendant had rented in Manuel (Valencia).

“He didn’t dismember her, that’s clear to me. It’s somewhere he went to shot, because surely there are more. He didn’t have enough time to think. Hours after (of the alleged crime) I was already calling other girls“, Burón assured, referring to what was exposed by the Civil Guard investigators during the trial.

“I hope I’m wrong, but I think that where my daughter is there is more. (Jorge Ignacio Palma) He is not a nobody when it comes to drugs., but a high position -he added-. I don’t think he had help, but someone else knows things, especially his mother “, who will have to appear, also as a witness, at a future hearing.

“From today I’m going to go to court every day, I’ll be at the foot of the canyon. Right now I’m fine, but I’ve cried a lot telling everything, this nightmare, but I’m going to be strong for my daughter,” he added.

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Regarding his intervention this Tuesday in the trial that has been held since last week at the Valencia Court, Burón recalled that he has been waiting for this day for two years and seven months and has warned about the fact that the defendant did not want to look at her face: “I have seen him very cold, like the day I went to his house. She has never looked at me.”

“The Justice will decide what sentence falls to him, but I feel good for what I have told, for how they have treated me; I only hope that the full weight of the law will fall on him, because he has done a lot of damage,” he concluded.