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Martin eats organic, yet he has 31 times the authorized rate of glyphosate in his urine

Martin filed a complaint Wednesday after discovering that he had 3.14 micrograms / l of glyphosate in his urine, when the standard is 0.1, or 31 times the authorized dose. – B. Colin / 20 Minutes

  • Several Toulousans have performed urine tests as part of a campaign launched in Ariège to determine the presence of glyphosate.
  • Glyphosate levels are on average 11 times higher than the maximum rate allowed in drinking water. Martin holds the "record" with a rate 31 times higher.
  • Wednesday, Martin and 44 other Toulousains have complained for "endangering the lives of others."

They are all contaminated with glyphosate, but Martin more than others. Along with 44 other people, this Toulouse student complained Wednesday afternoon for "endangering the lives of others," "aggravated deception" and "harm to the environment."

On December 21, these activists participated in the campaign "I have glyphosate in my urine, and you? ". Under the control of a bailiff, all these volunteers had the pesticide tested. And against all odds, it is Martin who stands out, with a glyphosate rate 31 times higher than the authorized dose in drinking water.

"I was sure to have some in my urine, but I did not expect to be a laureate," admits the young man. Vegetarian, like many activists he pays attention to his diet. "I try to eat organic as much as possible, with the constraints that students experience. I had the impression to be careful, "says one who follows studies in sociology of the environment.

Policy Responsibilities

To try to stem the phenomenon of contamination, he now makes detox cures through herbal teas. He also tried to find out where all this glyphosate could come from. "It could come from beer. I also did the harvest last September and I was in contact with treated crops, "says Martin.

But if he manages to lower his rate of glyphosate, he has no illusions about the rest. "It's the most infamous pesticide and the simplest molecule to detect. We know that there is beside a cocktail of phytosanitary products to question. Making a complaint is a way to talk about it and when politicians do not take their responsibilities, citizens are there to remind them, "he says.

While waiting for his complaint and those of hundreds of other people to be treated by the public health pole of the tribunal de grande instance of Paris, he knows that the pesticide has not finished talking about him. And to quote the case of this American gardener, Dewayne Johnson, who managed to convict Monsanto to pay millions of dollars.


Launched in Ariège in April 2018, the campaign "I have glyphosate in my urine, and you?" Has made emulators. More than 200 complaints have been lodged all over France. All will be grouped together and treated by the public health pole of the tribunal de grande instance of Paris. In Toulouse, a second wave of urine tests was held on February 7 and a new round of complaints is expected in March.


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