The day after the proclamation of the official results of the presidential election in RD-Congo by the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), declaring Felix Tshisekedi winner with about 700 000 votes ahead of Martin Fayulu, it challenges the validity these results and informed "La Croix" of its intention to challenge them.

La Croix: How did you welcome the proclamation of provisional results of the presidential election by the CENI?

Martin Fayulu: We obviously contest these results, which do not reflect the truth of the polls. When Cenco says today, that what it has observed is not in keeping with what was published by the electoral commission, it is very clear! This means that the person declared winner is not the winner. Of course, the bishops call for calm, but their declaration is a disavowal of the CENI. The victory of the people has been stolen. And the Ceni will be solely responsible for what may happen.

What Ceni did is materialize the will of Mr. Kabila. It does not come from the polls, it comes from a political decision, concessions made on both sides. And that is the shame of the century.

In DR Congo, the election of Felix Tshisekedi already contested

How would President Kabila benefit from an agreement with the opposition?

Mr. F.: Mr. Kabila understood that his dolphin did not win, and he got scared. He therefore chose an opponent who would agree to deal with him. This opponent either did not make a good score. Everyone knows it: the Cenco, the diplomats …

This is an agreement against the people that Mr. Kabila is leaving power. And what is this agreement? "I put you there, you know what your real position is. I hold you, because you want power. But in the end, it's me who remains the master on board, and you'll do everything I tell you. " That's what Mr. Kabila did. And to accept such an agreement is an unacceptable betrayal.

RD-Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, far from the father

Will you file an appeal to the Constitutional Court?

Mr. F.: All I can say is that we will do everything in our power to restore the truth of the polls. The results compiled by Cenco clearly show that I won with a big lead. The numbers have been tampered with. Not to mention that more than one million three hundred thousand voters, in constituencies that support me, could not vote. These people must vote before announcing final results. And I call the people to be vigilant, so that no one robs them of their victory.

Collected by Patricia Huon (in Kinshasa)



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