Martin from Obese carries a big secret in addition to kilos

Martin carries not only too many kilos, but also a very big secret. Losing the pounds gives him enough confidence to share his secret with everyone. The experts support him throughout his journey. They see Martin change from an insecure man to someone who can take on the world.

“And what others think, that’s what they think”

Martin, who has been overweight all his life, doesn’t think he looks pretty. “I do have tits, really a belly. My legs are too fat.” If he sees programs with ‘beautiful’ boys and women, he would like to look like that too. Reactions about his weight hurt him. “It always touches you.”

During his time in elementary school, Martin was in a relationship, but never again after that. “It is difficult if you always come home alone. I also think that it is because of my weight that I find it difficult to find a relationship.” And then Martin also carries a big secret with him. “I suspect I like boys, so that’s also something that comes with it.” His family does not know at this time. “I want to tell them, but I struggle with it, also because I’m religious.” Still, he thinks it’s time to choose for himself now. “And what others think, that’s what they think.”

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The weight that Martin starts at is 123.9 kilos. Together with the personal trainer, he sets the goal of weighing less than 90 kilos. He will achieve this by exercising, but also by eating well. And that is progressing smoothly. Yet something bothers him: his sexuality. To be over struggle, that he likes men, he talks to psychologist Hilde. She helps him accept it.

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The program was recorded during the corona crisis. If the Netherlands then goes into lockdown, it will be hard for Martin. Especially if he also gets the coronavirus among its members. Despite all the setbacks, he still remains positive. “We can go again.” And that goes well. “I don’t eat chips anymore, I don’t drink beer or other alcoholic drinks anymore.”

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Yet Martin mainly struggles with his secret: his sexuality. “I always thought: I’ll get a boyfriend first and then tell you how it is. Now I think right: I’ll tell you, and then a boyfriend will come later.” Losing the pounds, however, gives him a lot of confidence, so he now ‘finally’ tells his mother that he likes men. “It was not too bad for me. She took it very positively.” His brother and everyone else also react positively and fully support him.

At the end of the trajectory it turns out that Martin still weighs 102.4 kilos, which means that he has lost 21.5 kilos. His goal of 90 kilos may not have been achieved yet, but Martin is still proud. “I hope you will also support me in the near future,” he says to his family. “So that I don’t go back to the old me, but just stay that way.”

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