Martin Garrix gets bottle to the head at concert

Martin Garrix (26) will remember his most recent performance in Las Vegas for a long time. After all, in the middle of his set, the Dutch DJ got a bottle thrown at his head. It hit him full in the face. On Instagram it could be seen how fortunately he only had minor injuries from the incident.

Desmytere Road

Yesterday at 13:08

One cut on his cheek and one above his eyebrow. All in all, Garrix comes out unscathed. He could even joke about it himself. “Whoever threw the bottle during the show, I’m thinking of you and I hope you enjoyed the moment,” he said dryly on his Stories. “It was a good throw. Respect.”

Garrix shows his minor injuries on his Instagram Stories.

On Friday Garrix will be at the Hurricane Festival in Germany. Hopefully no bottles are thrown there.